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Aburaihan Pharmaceutical (Iran)

Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals is the main pharmaceutical manufacturer of Iran. It has been founded in 1965 and by these days it has a monopoly of not only pharmacological, but also pharmaceutical production of the country. Company's specialization is production of pharmaceuticals and veterinary products.

In 1965, the company launched as a franchise of Shering manufacture located in Germany and got the name Berlimed of Iran. Later, the company changed its name to the Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals Co. By this time it uses the most modern manufacture equipment and advanced technologies. All the processes happen according to the criteria of the international standards. The final products are completely ecological and mention according to the standards. The steroids and anabolic for athletes’ usage are eveilable in various forms by this time.

Some Words From the Clients of Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals

This is the most well-known company that manufactures specialized pharmaceuticals for the athletic usage. Generally speaking, the reviews display the overall state of quality of the products manufactured by this company. Frankly speaking, for the pricing level of this pharmaceuticals we can consider it as good ones. The production of the manufacture is rarely used by the professional athletes, but the newbie and amateurs use the production pretty often to gain the desired results. Let's talk about some advantages of the manufacturers’ production.

  • They are pretty cheap in comparison to other goods from the same market.
  • They deliver an expected efficiency.
  • They are rarely faked so you can be sure you buy an original product.

The production is highly-protected, so the fakes are rare. The efficiency of this pharmaceuticals is proven by thousands of successful clients who gained the desired results.

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