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Aicar is not a steroid and peptide. It was first received in the 60s in the USA. Initially, it was not popular, but was used only to improve the physical performance of the military.

In the 1970s, the drug was widely used in the sports field to increase strength and endurance.

Initially, Aikar produced doping for a good alternative. So he began to differ drastically from him. This drug does not affect the psyche, as it does not apply to tranquilizers. It improves muscle activity well, does not cause attachment and side effects.


Efficacy of Aicar


The drug is aimed at stimulating the cellular enzyme, which maintains a balance in the cell. It speeds up the processes of glucose assimilation, lowers insulin levels in the bloodstream, stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, prevents cell death, reducing oxygen compounds in them.

Features of the property of the drug - increased endurance in 2 times, while performing a fat burning effect. It increases muscle tone, which supports weight even without exercise. This property is great for use by athletes in bodybuilding. The drug preserves the result both between courses and in breaks for rest.

Aicar maintains muscle tone even when skipping a few sessions. It maintains an excellent physical shape without any load.

The drug stimulates metabolic processes in the body, which gives a fat burning effect and increases the athlete's endurance.

The drug makes it easy to train, while getting a good result.

It was widely researched, which gave good indicators of increasing marathon distances by 45%, and endurance by 25%.


The main advantages of the drug:


•Increased endurance;

•Support of muscle tone;

•Acceleration of metabolic processes;

•Fat burning.

The drug is widely used by athletes. It is taken in Europe and the US to stimulate endurance and maximum productivity.

Course of taking the drug

Injections of Aicar are administered intramuscularly and subcutaneously.

For athletes who train, a daily dose of 5-20 mg, depending on the mass and volume of muscles. The course lasts 1 month. For a year, you can take 3 courses of the drug.

For athletes who do not exercise, a daily dose of 10-20 mg, depending on the volume and muscle mass. You can also take 25-50 mg 3-4 times a week. Duration of the course is 1 month.

For more information, please contact us for specialized advice.

Store Aikar in the refrigerator at a temperature of +2 - +8 degrees Celsius. Dilute the powder with bactericidal water.


Reviews about Aicar


Usually reviews about Aicar are left on forums dedicated to athletic rock climbing and running at extra long distances. In these sports, the peptide has been used for a long time, but not to maintain the athlete's shape for the time of forced inactivity, but purely to increase endurance. You can find information that it really improves the performance of such athletes.

Reviews of Aicar representatives of power sports are relatively few. There is very little information about recovery with peptide after trauma, but here it is necessary to understand that the success of such an event depends more on the main treatment, rather than on the support of peptides. There are also reviews of bodybuilders, different in content. Someone writes that the drug is working, others indicate the uselessness of such injections. As with other peptides, the question is purely individual. One can meet the opinions of people who believe that Aikar, like other accelerators of cellular metabolism can not be safe, its side effects have not been studied at the moment. But this does not mean that they will not be able to manifest themselves in the long term.

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