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All you need to know about Anastrozole

  • About Anastrozole
  • Possible alternatives of Anastrozole
  • Correct dosage or How to take Anastrozole safely
  • Compatibility of Anastrozole with other medications
  • Why you should be stick to the prescription dose
  • Side effects of Anastrozole taking
  • Important warnings about Anastrozole
  • Additional Anastrozole warnings
  • Other important moment of Anastrozole’s taking


Anastrozole. For what purposes is it used?


All you need to know about AnastrozoleThe main purpose of using Anastrozole is the breast cancer treatment. This drug in the form of oral tablets is often prescribed to women who have a diagnosis of a breast cancer and have already gone through menopause. It is an effective drug which is used both in case of early breast cancer and advanced breast cancer treatment. Also, it is prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer with metastases (in a case when cancer has spread to other organs or part of the body). This drug is prohibited for taking by women who haven’t got through the menopause yet. In a case when you become pregnant when taking this medication, you have to stop it’s taking immediately, otherwise, it can be dangerous both for you and your child.

The mechanism of Anastrozole’s action is based on the blocking of the estrogen production. Being the aromatase inhibitor, Anastrozole maximally blocks the production of a female hormone – estrogen, which is one of the main factors that stimulate the breast cancer.

In the organisms of postmenopausal women, a special hormone – androgen under the influence of the aromatase enzyme transforms into the estrogen hormone. The mechanism of the Anastrozole’s action is aimed at the blocking the work of this enzyme, thereby significantly decreasing the amount of the estrogen produced.

Also, this medication is actively used in sport by professional bodybuilders. The main goal of the Anastrozole course is to avoid water retention in the body, gynecomastia and a number of other side effects that occur after the end of a long course of taking serious anabolic steroids.

Anastrozole has a very pronounced effect: 1 mg of this substance can reduce the content of estradiol in the blood by 80%. Even such a popular drug as Tamoxifen does not have such a powerful effect. However, comparing these two drugs is not correct, because the principle of their action is completely different. Effects of the Anastrozole use:

·A serious reduction in the level of aromatization (up to 80 percent of the initial level).

·Blocking the estrogen synthesis.

·Significant inhibitory effect.

·Rapid effect of the drug. The limiting concentration of the active substance in the blood can be observed already after 2 hours after use, which makes it possible to stop the aromatization process very quickly.

·It is extremely effective for athletes with a tendency to aromatize.

Anastrozole belongs to the category of Rx drugs. This means that you will not be able to purchase this medication without the prescription from your doctor.

This preparation is available both as brand-name drug (Arimidex) and a generic drug (Anastrozole). As a rule, the generic form of this drug is cheaper. To get the desired effect from this preparation and not no cause harm to your health it is highly recommended to be stick to the prescribed dosage and check the interaction of this drug with other medications you take.

In this article, we are going to review the most important recommendations about the Anastrozole dosage, side effects, compatibility with other drugs and other things that should be noted when this drug taking.


Possible alternatives to Anastrozole


Nowadays you can find other medications for such disease treatment. Some of them may be better, some worse. All of them have different side effects and way of action. To choose the most suitable medication for your case you need to get a detailed consultation with your doctor. There are always some alternatives, we live in a 21st century and medicine is on the high level. The most important moment here is not to make any decisions without consultation with the specialist. This may not only be absolutely useless but may cause serious harm to your health and even worsen the situation.


The correct dosage or How to take Anastrozole safely. The first thing you should know about the Anastrozole dosage is that it may be different for different people. The dosage of this preparation and the way of its taking, as a rule, is prescribed basing on such factors as your condition (how severe your condition is), your age, which treatment have you already got, other medications which you take, your reaction to the first dose of this drug and many other parameters. After evaluating each of these factors doctor prescribes you the necessary dosage and tell you how often this preparation should be taken.

Also, the dosage of this medication doesn’t depend on which form you purchase – brand or the generic one. In case of purchasing both the brand form of the drug and its generic, adults should take one tablet (1 mg) of the drug per day (as it was mentioned above, dosage may vary depending on many factors).

In sport, the drug is used only by experienced athletes, beginners should not experiment. Most often, athletes begin to take Anastrozole as soon as the course of anabolics is over. However, you should start the course of treatment only if after the course of steroids there is a noticeable side effect. Also, the drug can be taken before the anabolic course, in the form of prevention. In sport it is also important that the dosage and duration of reception is determined by a specialist.

You can drink tablets for 14 days. This period is enough for the drug to fully manifest itself. To achieve maximum effect, it is better to drink the pill before eating, with plenty of water. It is not recommended to take the drug to women athletes.

In the field of professional athletes about the drug, you can hear a huge amount of positive feedback.

This preparation is not prescribed for people whose age is less than seventeen years.

We have already mentioned it but we will repeat again – there are no common dosages of this medication, so to get the desired result of the treatment with Anastrozole and don’t cause harm to your health you should always consult with your doctor. Dosages and way of taking described in this article are just the average values, not the prescription.


Compatibility of Anastrozole with other medications. As well as any other tablets, Anastrozole in form of oral tablets influences the action of other drugs, vitamins, supplements or herbs which you take. If you don’t want to completely change the way of action of your other drugs and negatively influence your health, it is highly recommended to tell your doctor about everything you take besides of Anastrozole. You should mention not only pills but all herb, all possible vitamins, and supplements also. Only when the doctor knows the full list of all other medications you take, he will be able to prescribe the necessary dosage of Anastrozole and prevent its negative interaction with other drugs.

This steroid shouldn’t be taken together with other preparations for the breast cancer treatment such as Tamoxifen. Also, due to some peculiarities of the Anastrozole’s action, it is prohibited for taking together with medications that consist estrogen.

This article is not a prescription, here you can just find some useful recommendations about the Anastrozole’s taking and read about its side effects, mechanism of work, and other important features. The number and type of side effects, as well as the negative interactions of this dug with other preparations, may vary depending on the diagnosis, health condition of the patient, and many other factors. We could miss some preparations which can’t be used together with this drug, so for the more detailed information, please contact your doctor. He will provide you with all necessary info about side effects and compatibility of this drug with other medications especially for your case. Note that the more responsible you will take the drug and the more information you have about it, the more effective will be your treatment.


Why you should be stick to the prescription dose. Anastrozole is not a drug which should be taken only once. It is prescribed for the long-term treatment, so if you take the incorrect dosage of this medication again and again during the whole course, you risk to cause irreparable harm to your health.

In case if you forgot to take the dose of this drug you can take it later but you should never take two doses at a time. If you remembered about the missed dose right before taking the next one, take one dose only.

In case if you took too much of this medication you should immediately go to emergency, otherwise, such serious side effects of overdose as a death of tissues and severe bleeding may occur.

You will understand that the medication works correctly after visiting your doctor. He will tell you whether your breast cancer is stopped, slowed down or it is still progressing.

Side effects of Anastrozole taking


This drug is quite dangerous for your health and in case of incorrect taking you risk to seriously worsen your health condition. Here we collected main side effects which may occur during the course of these tablets taking.

All the side effects caused by Anastrozole can be divided into two main categories – serious side-effects and common side-effects. Among the serious side-effect of this medication taking are:

1.Problems with the liver. In case of such side effect you will feel such symptoms as pain in your stomach (in its right upper side), yellowing of the whites of your eyes or skin.

2.Osteoporosis. In case of bone thinning you will feel such symptoms as pain in your neck, hips or back.

3.Reactions of your skin. In case of the skin reactions, you will feel notice the appearance of ulcers, lesions, and blisters.

If you notice ANY of these side effects, you should immediately call 911 or go to emergency room. Each of these side-effects can cause a serious harm to your health and even threaten your life.

Among less serious and more common side-effects of Anastrozole taking are:

1.General weakness;

2.Rash on your skin;

3.Pain in your back;

4.Vomiting or nausea;


6.Unexplained anxiety;

7. High blood pressure;

8.Pain in your bones or joints;

9.Unexplained depression;

10. Cough;

11. Fractures of bones;

12. Insomnia;

13. Lymph nodes swelling;

14. Feet, ankles or legs swelling;

15. Inconsistent breathing.

These side effects are not so serious as mentioned above but nevertheless, if they don’t disappear in a few days (or weeks) you should consult your doctor. If these side-effects become more severe you should immediately stop taking the medication and visit your doctor.

As well as the dosage of this drug is different for different cases, side-effects also may vary. We don’t guarantee that we listed all possible results of the negative influence of Anastrozole on your health. More detailed information about the side effects of this medication you can get from your doctor who knows your medical history and all peculiarities of your treatment.


Important warnings about Anastrozole


In addition to the side-effects of Anastrozole taking there are also some important warnings that you should know before start taking this medication.

First of all, you should note that this preparation increases the levels of cholesterol. The increased cholesterol levels mean the increased risk of heart disease occurring. The next warning is that this preparation causes low blood flow to your heart and if you have blockages in the arteries of your heart you risk to get serious negative consequences. In case if you feel such symptoms as pain in your chest, inconsistent breathing or legs (or feet) swelling -  inform your doctor as soon as it’s possible.

Another warning of Anastrozole taking is that this medication causes decreasing your bones density. To prevent serious side-effects, you should regularly visit your doctor and check the level of the mineral density of your bones during the course of this drug taking.


Additional Anastrozole warnings. Among the additional warnings about Anastrozole are several warnings for special groups of people (children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women), people with certain diseases and allergies. First of all, let’s consider the Anastrozole warnings for groups.

It was already mentioned in this article that Anastrozole’s taking by people, whose age is less than seventeen years is prohibited. To date, there are no studies which prove the effectiveness and safety of this preparation taking among children. As for pregnant women, Anastrozole belongs to the special category of drugs which are completely prohibited from taking during the pregnancy period. In case if you become pregnant during the course of taking this medication, you should stop its taking immediately and consult your doctor in order to choose analogs or change the type of treatment.  Also, Anastrozole is prohibited during the breastfeeding as it passes through the milk and can cause a negative influence on a child.

As for people with certain diseases who should take this preparation with caution, there are three main categories of diseases which may worsen during taking the course of this drug. Among them are people suffering from the liver problems, people with the high cholesterol level, and people with osteoporosis. If you have any of these diseases, you should inform your doctor about it, in order to avoid worsening the situation because of taking Anastrozole. In addition to this, people who are prone to allergies or already have any allergies should take this drug with great caution because it may cause serious allergic reactions. If you notice any troubles with your breathing or tongue (throat) swelling, go to the emergency room or try to call 911 as soon as it I possible.


Other important moments of Anastrozole taking. So, your doctor prescribed you Anastrozole and told the correct dosage. What next? In this paragraph, we will consider some important moments of this drug taking.

So, the question #1 – how to take this medication? You should take this drug with food or without it, it doesn’t influence its effectiveness, so choose the way which is more convenient for you. Also, you should take the whole tablet at once without crashing or chewing it.

The question #2 – how to store this medication properly? Current tablets should be stored in a dark dry place with the range of temperature from 20°C to 25°C. Be sure that you store this medication far from the negative influence of high temperatures and moist places.

The question #3 – can I refill this medication? Yes, you can. You don’t have to ask your doctor for a new prescription each time when you need to refill this drug. Your doctor will write the necessary number of refills on the prescription depending on your case.

The question #4 – how can I travel with this medication? First of all, NEVER keep this drug in a checked baggage, you should put it into your hand-luggage and take it with you always. To avoid problems and unnecessary questions at the airport it is highly recommended to have the prescription-labeled box for this drug with you. X-ray machines will not harm the pills, so you shouldn’t worry about this. Also, you should always check that your tablets are not left in the place with very high or very low temperatures, keeping it in a very cold or very hot place may influence the effectiveness of the drug.

The question #5 – where can I purchase this drug? This is the Rx drug, so you can purchase it only with the prescription from your doctor. But even with the prescription, this may turn into a real challenge because not every drugstore has this drug available.


Conclusion. We hope that in this article you found the answers to your questions and get the necessary information to have an idea how does this medication work and influence your health. Here we reviewed important moments about how to store this medication and in which cases you need to take it with a great caution. Although we tried to mention all cases, there are still other contraindications and side effects because all people are different and even with the same diagnosis the treatment and adverse effects of the medication may vary greatly. This article is not a prescription and shouldn’t serve you as the instruction about the correct dosage of the drug taking. The most detailed info you will get from your doctor.