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Anabolic steroids for beginners: what is it and how does it work?

Anabolic steroids for beginners: what is it and how does it work?


Pumped-up bodybuilders who look like superheroes make many modern men envy - if you become exactly the same, there will be no end to beautiful girls. Paradoxically, even among professional athletes who definitely visit the gym with enviable regularity, you do not always find such a figure as a bodybuilder. However, everything falls into place when you learn that bodybuilding almost always involves the use of roids, that is, anabolic steroids.


What are anabolic steroids?


Anabolics are one of the types of steroids - substances of natural or synthetic origin, which are responsible for internal regulation in the body. Specifically, anabolic steroids are responsible for the formation of muscle mass - the more there are in the blood, the faster the muscles will grow, the more resilient the body will become, allowing you to make training more exhausting or win sports trophies.


The most obvious example of a natural anabolic is the hormone testosterone - thanks to it we are naturally "faster, higher, stronger." The injection of such a substance, which increases its dosage in the body, has an immediate effect, expressed in the fact that our athletic ability is dramatically increased. In addition, testosterone is not for nothing called the male hormone - in large quantities, it usually increases sex drive, and also stimulates hair growth throughout the body. And although natural testosterone is extremely difficult to obtain, laboratories have learned to produce synthetic analogues that have the same effect.


Anabolic steroids side effects are a common criticism of these drugs. Modern medicine believes that in most cases, interference with the existing hormonal balance of the body cannot be considered justified - except that refusal of such therapy is even more dangerous. 


The claims of doctors are most often based on the fact that substitution therapy weaned the body from producing testosterone on its own, which means that we can no longer get off the needle without becoming an amorphous and asexual fat man. If you take anabolic steroids all the time to "keep yourself in shape", it will create an inappropriate burden on the liver and kidneys - constantly working on the breakdown and elimination of extraneous chemicals, these organs can wear out prematurely.


How to buy anabolic steroids?


Many athletes are confident that strictly adjusted dosages and the ability to stop in time will provide the proper balance when you have achieved the desired effect of rapid weight gain and did not cause significant harm to your health. It is difficult to say whether it is true or not - large-scale scientific research on the topic has never been carried out, and there are a lot of supporters of each of the opposing points of view. And if professionals are afraid of disqualification for the use of illegal drugs, then amateur bodybuilders often use anabolic steroids at least to ensure a quick start.


Due to a lack of research and a general bias towards anabolic steroids, the list of legally marketed drugs in this class is very limited, and even to purchase them you need a prescription from a doctor. Therefore, athletes who want to take risks are forced to buy steroids online, because there is much less control on the Internet. This approach has a right to exist, but the athlete must remember: the drug can only be purchased from those suppliers who do not raise doubts about their own integrity.