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Anapolon, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: OXYMETHOLONE 1 tab/50 mg
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60 Tablets
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Anapolon is popular steroids because of its incredibly high anabolic activity, reduced level of androgens. Its formula contains the molecular bond of the active substance Oksmetolon, this leads to a number of positive results (rapid increase in muscle mass, power). Beneficial effect on joints — pain relief, hemoglobin, erythropoietin synthesis. Now oxymetholone is widely used in various sports disciplines.


The molecule of the active ingredient of Anapolon is an unusual dihydrotestosterone's modification. Tableted form of this drug is the best remedy if speak about anabolic activity. After two weeks body's mass will increase by 5-7 kg, improves the joints, increases strength, endurance.


Possible side effects:


Hepatotoxicity — it is recommended to take Karsil for normalize liver's work.

Consequence of progestin activity. Gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, accumulation of water can occur. To prevent these effects take antiestrogens, blockers of prolactin.


Is able to suppress the synthesis of natural testosterone in organism.

Use Tribulus or Gonadotropin during/after course.


Anapolon suits for professional athletes age over 21 years, who have already completed many courses, know what their body's reaction to  anabolic steroids is. For beginners this preparation can become too strong. Duration admission is six weeks. Optimal dosage within 100 kg — 50-100 mg per day. 150 mg is an extreme dose. A higher dose does not improve your effect, but significantly increases the risk of side effects. Accurately adhere the dosage that exactly correspond weight.


It is incredibly important that drugs must be the highest quality, be purchased from trust able dealer. We offer to purchase this drug online on website, working directly with the manufacturer, our company guarantees the authenticity of products.

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