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Anapolon , Anapolon

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Nowadays Anapolon is effective anabolic available drugs. It is based on oxymetalone. Its distinctive feature of the drug is a combination of the strongest androgenic. Pills make possible to achieve huge increases in muscle mass. Two weeks later body's weight will growth by 5-7 kg. 


This steroid causes a significant increase the volume erythrocytes in blood, growth the flow of oxygen to the muscles. The athlete taking these pills doesn't feel tired even during very intensive training. Anapolon provides quick effect “pumping” muscles. Its peculiarity lies in its ability to provide high bodily regeneration, so “over training" is absolutely excluded.


Main properties:

Expressive set muscles;

Reduction  SHBG function ;

Stimulation erythropoietin production;

Acceleration protein synthesis;

Elimination joint pain;

Enhancement hemoglobin;

Increased hematopoiesis.


Anapolon is considered to be most dangerous drug. Such popularity it received because of liver's toxicity. There is an opinion that long-term using can cause a cancer. Sometimes, among negative result is jaundice, which passes after discontinuation.  Quite common side effect is indigestion, frequent nausea, vomiting. Libido initially it rises sharply, then goes to a decline.


The optimal dosage is 1-2 pills per day (50-100 mg). Professional sportsmen can take maximum dose — 3 tablets daily (150 mg). The best to use is while eating.  The general course should be 6-9 weeks. Taking for a longer period can negatively affect your health condition.


But despite all possible side effects mentioned above it should be noted that the reasonable use always lead to solid, noticeable sports results.


This anabolic can be combined with nandrolone decanoate for achieving the more effective muscle building. Taking pills is recommended for athletes suffering from joint diseases, as it accumulates water not only in muscles, but also contributes increases the number of natural joints lubricant.

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