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Anastrozole, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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Anastrozole is a powerful drug that belongs to a class inhibitors aromatase. It is used for reducing the concentration of female sex hormones. This drug is also used with great success for men's treatment of gynecomastia.


·Prevent gynecomastia

·Increase anabolic hormones

·Improve the external muscles qualities, relief, cross-section

·Normalizes blood pressure

·Reduce the suppression hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles

When modeling the course, it is important to consider that not all steroids have a predisposition to aromatase.

Anastrozole can be used to treat side effects, that are already manifested since a moderate level of estrogens. For prevention, you should take a minimal dose. There are also more expensive analogs (Letrozole, Exemestan), but, their cost is not justified, because many studies have shown almost the same result of using these three drugs.

Lack of estrogen in men leads to inhibition growth muscle, joints pain, decrease of bone strength, increase of bad cholesterol, libido fails,  depression. Thus, sportsmen shouldn't exceed Anastrozole doses to maintain the normal androgens, estrogens balance.

Our online store offers you to purchase medications at an attractive price with the high quality of the goods and direct work with Balcan Pharmaceuticals. Their products are appreciated all over the world. Anastrozole, which is purchased from us, will help avoid health problems, don't provoke any negative results.


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