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Anastrozole, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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Anastrozole is a powerful drug which belongs to a class of aromatase inhibitors. It is used for reducing the concentration of female sex hormones- estrogens in the blood, along with increasing the level of natural testosterone and gonadotropin hormone secretion. This drug is also used with a great success for the treatment and prevention of gynecomastia in men. Due to the fact that majority of courses where anabolic steroids are used contain drugs that are predisposed to aromatization, that is, converting androgens to estrogens, which leads to worsening the results and occurring of some side effects, aromatase inhibitors have been included to the subclass of post-course therapy as drugs which are able to:

·Prevent gynecomastia

·Increase the level of anabolic hormones in the blood (increases the effect of steroids)

·Improve the external qualities of the muscles, relief, venousness, cross-section

·To eliminate the symptoms of hypertension (normalizes blood pressure)

·Reduce the suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles, a very valuable effect in the AAS course.

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When modeling the course, it is important to consider that not all steroids have predisposition to aromatase. Among drugs that really require the inclusion of aromatase inhibitors in the course are Testosterone, Methandrostenolone (Danabol), Boldenone and Halotestin can also be slightly flavored.

Anastrozole is among the most powerful aromatase inhibitors, and can be used to treat side effects, that are already manifested, since a moderate level of estrogens in the blood is useful for the development and growth of muscles. So if you still decide to use anastrozole for prevention, you should take minimal dose, which will maintain the physiologically-necessary level of estrogen. There are also more expensive analogues of Anastrozole, that can compete with it, Letrozole and Exemestan, but nevertheless their cost is not justified, because many studies have shown almost the same result of using these three drugs, although their price is much higher in comparison with Anastrozole. In Ukraine aromatase inhibitors are sold on a free sale, and Anastrozole can be bought at the pharmacy.


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Side effects

As many reviews and studies show, the lack of estrogen in men leads to inhibition of muscle growth, pain in the joints, decrease of bone strength, increase of bad cholesterol, libido fails, and the manifestation of depression. Thus, sportsmen should not exceed doses of anastrozole in order to maintain the normal balance of androgens and estrogens in their organism.

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