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ANAVARGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: Oxandrolone 10 mg/100 tab
Availability: In stock


100 Tablets
100 $

Anavarged a strong steroid, very popular among bodybuilders

Oxandrolone was originally developed for medical use. Structurally, it is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone, oxygen was added to the second position instead of atom carbon. So anabolic virtually free side effects.

The production of this drug is handled by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. These products appeared not so long ago, but already managed to get fond of many athletes, become popular. Reviews mostly describe the remedies from GD as quality, working. He doesn't have either progestogenic or estrogenic activity (androgenic incidental impacts also almost do not make themselves felt).

Anavarged has a fairly fast action, almost immediately after taking, lasts 8-12 hours.


Main effects:

  • construction of dry/rigid muscles;
  • significant fat burning effect;
  • increase the production of growth hormone.


When they are used, there may be some side effects (decreased libido, sometimes worse appetite, increased pressure or headaches). Important: this medicaments has weak liver toxicity. The recommended potion for male athletes (10-20 mg - women, 20-80 mg - men).

In sports, this pharmacy is practiced mainly on long courses mixed with these or other steroids to achieve aims such as increasing strength, obtaining quality musculature, dry, embossed.

Buy Anavarged online in combinations, with which AAS medicaments can it be effectively combined? Effective courses that take this steroid as a basis, you can make a lot. The choice of the specific connection for the cycle should be based on the goal pursued by the athlete, his experience in the application of pharmacology and sports, as well as on financial opportunities.

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