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Androver course on mass and strength
Androver course on mass and strength
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Androver course on mass and strength


Androver, a drug in Ukraine, is represented by Vermoji, the famous manufacturer of sports pharmacology. Products are protected by one-time verification codes, which immediately show the originality of the purchased steroid. The proposed drug is really working and in practice, it shows its potential in terms of rapid mass and strength, it is perfectly suitable for a quick start.

Androver - came to the big sport, exclusively thanks to medicine. It was often used in the treatment of many diseases and was often used in patients to stimulate muscle growth. But, in the course of time, new drugs were developed, more effective and Androver's administration to patients is no longer applied. Today, this anabolic steroid, we can meet only in bodybuilding, for a rapid increase in strength and muscle mass.


Characteristics of the preparation


If you decide to buy a course of Androver for a lot, then you need to remember that at a young age, this is not the most normal choice. Better consider Turinabol, which is much safer and not bad able to increase strength and muscles. Androver is ordered by more experienced athletes who have already adapted their bodies with mild steroids and want to get the maximum effect on a new strong steroid. If you take into account the recommendations of experts, then you can order Androver athletes who have already reached 21 - 23 years or more.

The anabolic activity of the steroid is at the level of 320 percent and it is well felt on the course of mass gain, so the androgenic effect is present at about 45 percent. Modern sports resources claim that Androver on the course does not delay fluid and musculature grows exceptionally high quality. In fact, Anapolon is the same Androver, always famous for their fluid retention from the presence of flavoring. This is an integral part of this steroid because the rapid increase in mass is directly related to the presence of fluid in the muscles.


Androver Course


•The average duration of taking this anabolic is 4 to 6 weeks

•The course begins with 1 tablet a day

•then it goes up to 2 tabs a day and is taken as a smooth background to the end

After Androver's course, many are wondering how to save the result? You can resort to combining various steroids on the course and then the preservation will be better, but it is desirable to select the preparations correctly. Androver is better combined with Winstrol, Bolden, Masteron, Parabolanium, Primobolan, these are all injections.

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