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Androver, Vermodje SRL

Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: 50 mg
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100 Tablets
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Androver medication

This supplementary has an extremely increased effect of anabolic as well as very decreased effect of androgens which made that medication popular in the circle of the athletes.

The Efficiency of the Androver’s Course

First of all, you might observe the rapid increase of the muscle growth. This medication is the only one existing which provides the same efficiency. First fourteen days of medication intake will bring you from 4 to 5 kilograms of muscle mass. Later this number will increase to 15. Many athletes observed a pullback effect, after abandoning of a medication they lose up to 30 percents of the mass gained, because this medication works on an accumulative scheme. Despite this Androver is still extremely efficient. It is usually used by the athletes before some competitions. Let's name some effects you will experience after intake.

  • Your strength will be extremely above its usual level.
  • Your speed as well as the ability to make movements also an incensement of power.

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  • The negative effects such as pain experienced after training will be reduced.
  • The effect is very quick and you may experience some positive changes after several weeks of use.

Taking Androver Correctly

It is recommended to start the Androver course after you reached the age of twenty-one. This supplemental is used specifically for the mass gaining, not for increasing the strength of the muscles. The duration of course we recommend is from four to six weeks, according to various parameters like your body weight, sporting and steroids-taking experience and many others that are completely individual. Daily intake you can afford is about two hundred milligrams. The starting point is usually fifty milligrams. You might intake the drug increasing the dosage slowly and looking at all the reactions of your body. If you have experienced this drug and you know all the effects you might gain, it is possible and safe to intake this medication same level during all course.

Learning To Combine This Supplementary With Others

Combine Androver can be used only in the combination with the drugs that contain 17-alpha-alkyl steroid on one single course of medications. But if you need to be quickly prepared for some specific goal, this medication is actually the best weight-gainer. After you end the course it is recommended to wait three or four weeks to bring back the natural level of testosterone.

The Side Effects You May Experience

The side effects from the medication are manifested more often than from the other oral medications. The reason of this effect is the power of an impact on the body. Anyway, with the correctly formulated course and post-course intake pattern, the side effects are almost completely reduced or nonexistent. Be aware of the number of the side effects affecting the liver as well. Before starting a course please consult with your therapist. But in minimal or considered dosages as well, the Androver is mostly safe.

Take Androver Correctly. Also The Reviews

Many professionals aware you from using this drug but the expert opinions are controversial. If you are the beginner in sports pharmacology supplemental intake, you should listen to the professionals. Please, do not start with this powerful medication if your body is not prepared.

Testimonials about an Androver medication manufactured by Vermoje compete for athletes attest the very high concentration of the drug in your blood after you cancel the intake. Those who practice bodybuilding are completely happy with the effect.

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