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The testosterone suspension is a steroid that is released in the injection form. The composition of this drug is pure Testosterone that is dissolved in water and doesn’t have any impurities.

In the ampoule, the crystals of the testosterone suspension settle, forming a layer of the active component. Therefore, before making the injection you need to shake an ampoule with a solution. Do this very carefully, because while strong shaking, foam may occur and it is undesirable. This drug has a very short half-life (it is equal to only a few hours). Suspension remains active in the body during about 1-2 days. The recommended dosage is 50 to 100 mg per day, but some athletes who are more experience with steroids, and whose receptors are less sensitive to such components may take higher daily dosages to achieve desirable results. Despite the many esters of testosterone, which are available nowadays on the market of sports pharmacology, the testosterone suspension remains as one of the strongest testosterone that are released in the injection form. This makes the suspension an integral preparation for gaining muscle mass and increasing the strength capabilities of athletes. The effectiveness of this drug is explained by the fact that it rapidly penetrates in organism and binds with blood cells due to its water base, which allows it to accelerate the activation and increase the fullness of the action of the active component in the sportsman body.

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So, what can you expect from taking this drug? As it was already mentioned, this preparation has some peculiarities due to the fact that the active substance is dissolved not in oil, but in water. Due to this fact, the active component enters the blood much more quickly, and accordingly acts more quickly, exerting visible effects.

During taking the testosterone suspension course, the following effects are observed:

·Rapid growth of muscle mass;

·Has a fat burning effect;

·Increases muscle stiffness;

·Improves the muscles relief;

·Increases the athlete's strength and endurance;

·Increases libido and sexual activity during the course;

Now let's talk about the second side of the coin - side effects.

Side effects of testosterone suspension taking

Suspension of testosterone has a ‘classic’ set of side steroids effects:

·Converting to estrogens;


·The accumulation of water in the body;


·Increased blood pressure;

·Increased renal pressure;

·Growth of adipose tissue by female type;

·Increased hair growth on the body and face;

·The appearance of restlessness, inexplicable aggression;

·In some cases a sleep disorder may occur;

·Greaseness of the skin;


·Recession of libido after discontinuation of the drug;


·Decreased volumes of ejaculate;



In order to avoid side effects, we advise you to add antiestrogens (preferably the choice of Anastrozolol or Proviron) to your course of testosterone suspension taking. Suspension of testosterone is absolutely safe for the liver, but its high dosages can cause harm to the kidneys.

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