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BM Pharmaceuticals (India)

BM Pharmaceuticals 


BM Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical manufacturer located in India. Frequently the company is called as a phantom manufacturer, which is absolutely impossible to identify. It has no official website, nor even a little viable branch of forum. According to the unofficial resources, the company's activity started more than ten years ago. Perhaps, that's all we know about a manufacturer.

What Medications Does The Company Offer?

There is a list of medications available, check it out below.

·Methandienone, one hundred pills per package, ten milligrams per pill.

·Nandrolone decanoate, one ampoule that contains two milliliters, one hundred milligrams per milliliter.

·Nandrolone phenylpropionate, one ampoule per two milliliters, one hundred milligrams per milliliter.

·Testosterone propionate, one ampoule per one milligram, one hundred milligrams per milliliter. Plus, the variety contains Testopin-100 for two milliliters in apple.

·Testosterone enanthate, one ampoule, two milliliters of two hundred fifty milligrams per milliliter.


Some Opinions About BM Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer


Despite the vast acknowledgement and the experience of the company among the specialized markets, you can rarely meet any opinions about the production of the company. Anyway, some of them are presented on various unofficial sources. Some athletes are satisfied by the quality and efficiency of the production, claiming their effectiveness.

Most athletes, especially professionals have a different opinion.BM Pharmaceuticals does not produce any fakes, but claimed amount of the substances is different from actual concentration. It is totally unacceptable for professional use. Reviews claim the fact that this production is best when its bought from the well-known suppliers.

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