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BOLD 200, Geber Pharmaceuticals (Germany)

BOLD 200
Model: Boldenone Undeclynate
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BOLD 200 Geber Pharmaceuticals

BOLD 200 (Boldenone Undeclynate) is a steroid. The active substance performs an anabolic and androgenic response. Initially, BOLD 200 was released for other aimes, and derived ACC, which had other contents. He is no worse than testosterone for anabolic reaction. Androgen activity is slightly less.

BOLD 200 and Nandrolone are remedies that affect differently. BOLD 200 has similarities with testosterone.

Efficacy of taking BOLD 200

When taking BOLD 200 increases the level in muscle mass. Slow action will add volume to the tissue. Depending on the ether (acetate or propionate), the speed of the impact bets. The body weight exaggerate. The production of blood cells is also stimulated. Meat work more actively and efficiently.

Grabing the medicaments will give the following outcomes:

  • Mass enlarged;
  • Gain in strength indicators;
  • Improvement of appetite;
  • Hike in erythrocyte plains in the blood;
  • Raise access of oxygen to the beef;
  • Rise endurance.


BOLD 200 is widely spread among bodybiulders.

For men, the standard BOLD 200 solo course is 8 to 10 weeks, 0.4-0.8 mg once in 7 days. Women are approved a more gentle dosage of 50-100 mg.

Reception of the medicine should be under the supervision of a expert. Measurement is selected individually, taking into account the previous experience of holding such preparations, individual characteristics of the organism and the purpose. Begin catching BOLD 200 endorsed with small measurements, gradually upturn them. This scheme will provide an opportunity to trace the reaction and work of the remedy in the body.

Combine BOLD 200 relying on the expected outcome. For drying, Anavar and Winstrol fit, for pressure increment - Trenbolone and Testosterone (no more than 6 weeks), also compute anti-estrogens. In the period after the cycle therapy receive boosters 1 month, starting from 2 weeks after the end of it. This will help a quick recovery.

The most popular combinations with Boldenone are:

  • For enlarging intensity pile. BOLD 0.2-0.25 g / l + testosterone enanthate. You can summate or Proviron, Letrozole. Equipoz haul from 1 to 8 weeks of 0.8 g. The above drug is 500 mg every week. Anastrazole from 10th week 0.5 tablets day after day. From 11 to 14 quarter of a month, Tamoxifen 20 mg per day, gradually reducing till the finish of course to 10 mg. This therapy is good for beginners. The scheme eliminates estrogenic and androgenic chattels.
  • For depleting. BOLD 200 mg / ml + testosterone propionate 100 mg / ml + Winstrol 50 mg / ml. Winstrol is added for 6-10 weeks. The algorithm allows you to aggrandize  the level of muscle mass.
  • Athletes assert that the strength indicators are elaboration. Punch is well manifested in both solo use and in the conjunction of several drugs. Women who yield  this one at the lowest measure and behoove the instructions of specialists say there are no side effects. Weight is collected slowly, but efficiently and qualitatively.

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