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Boldabol 300, British Dragon

Boldabol 300
Producer: British Dragon
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About the drug

Boldabol 300 is a unique drug designed to enhance the androgenic effect of the body. Many athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters choose this drug as a basic component of their course for increasing muscle strength and strengthening the bone structure. Minimal side effects, rapid muscle growth and minimal retracement after completion of the course, make it one of the most popular and effective drugs in the world. A lot of athletes assert that the course consisting of this drug is the most optimal for beginners and athletes with experience.

Working and Positive Effects

If we talk about the properties, then Boldabol 300 is the first strong enough anabolic, whose anabolic effect is identical to testosterone (100% of endogenous testosterone). Androgenic activity is moderate in comparison with testosterone, which is 50 percent. The drug works well for those athletes who never used heavy steroids, and is one of the best options for beginners. However, for the pros, it can be an excellent addition to the steroid course.

Effects of the Boldabol 300 admission:

  • Increase in muscle mass. Volumes grow slowly, but qualitatively;
  • Increased strength;
  • Significant increase in appetite;
  • Hemopoietic function. Increasing the erythrocyte mass of blood leads to an increase in aerobic endurance;
  • Increased venous muscle.

Steroid Boldabol 300 is noteworthy in that its action, together with the provision of a qualitative increase in muscle mass, can also improve the venous traction of the musculature. This property makes the athlete's muscles more beautiful and powerful externally, giving them an impressive look. Another interesting feature of the drug is a rather strong increase in appetite, indicating that its activity has manifested itself. Buy Boldabol 300 online for the best result in your gym.

Dosage and Expected Result

The duration of the course lasts from 4 to 6 weeks with a daily dosage of the drug in 400-600 ml of mg. Because the drug is sold in the form of injections they tablets have a negative effect on the internal organs such as the kidneys, the liver and stomach are excluded. In general, all injectable drugs most favorably affect the growth of muscle mass without inhibiting the body as a whole.

Despite the fact that the drug has a minimal negative effect on the body after taking Boldabol 300, it is absolutely necessary. The possible appearance of negative results is very low, provided that all recommended doses are observed. The biggest negative effect that can be on the course is suppression of your own testosterone, which can be restored by using boosters. Also, do not forget about the right diet. An abundant protein diet is essential for the growth of muscle mass. Otherwise, you risk leveling the result of steroids. It should also be remembered that medical advice throughout the course of taking steroids is simply necessary. The doctor must monitor your body's condition to avoid side effects.

Athletes say that the drug is very convenient to use, and is absolutely painless. The quality of the drug is at a high level. Buy Boldenon 300 is possible in our store of steroids at reasonable prices. We carry out our work without third parties directly with the manufacturer.

In the framework of sports Boldabol 300 can be used not only by men, but also by women. However, athletes in comparison with athletes to receive only small dosages are recommended. So, if men usually use doses of the drug from 200 to 800 mg per week, then women should be limited to a volume of 50-100 mg per week. Otherwise, the fair sex can disturb the effects of virilization. Buy Boldabol 300 online in our store and create the body you always wanted!

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