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Model: Boldenone undlessilenate 200 mg/1 ml
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Boldenone is the molecule of the testosterone with double bonds of the first and the second atoms of carbon. This property have made the Boldenone equal to the testosterone in its qualities as an anabolic, however, the drug has reduced androgenic properties (50% of testosterone). However, judging from the practice of applying an equal contents of the testosterone give different results (the pure testosterone is even more effective). Boldenone can be compared to Nalodrone as well. However, this medication has a different mechanism of action, since Boldenone has more similar properties to the male hormone testosterone. Boldenon could be released in two forms. An sustainable different parameter increased in these two forms of action will be the length of an action.


Athletes even more often respond about this drug that it is very effective anabolic, with the a slow action, nevertheless it helps in gaining the pure muscle mass. Amateurs with professionals noted speed of spreading the effect to the whole body order of magnitude lower than this parameter in Nandrolone, but this drug has even more quality.


As it follows, the Boldenone Malay Tiger must be taken longer. So, on average, the term of the course is usually about twenty periods each is seven days. This medication in addition could been found among blood during the significant period of time, therefore we do not recommend you to apply it for the competitive purposes.

In addition to an efficiency increasing an amount of the muscles, Boldenone enhances an appetite and strength.

In addition, the drug helps to increase concentration of the red blood components; connected with them the supply of tissues combined with the oxygen is improved.


The side effects of the Medication


We already mentioned above that the molecule of the substance has doubled bonds among first as well as the second atoms of carbon, what provokes some features into the drug properties.

Thanks to this feature the process of aromatization continues pretty slowly.

·The level of conversion to estrogens compared to the testosterone is two times less.

·Sportsmen really do not complain about any side effects, that are about aromatization (hypertension, puffiness, gynecomastia).

·Moreover, even if you will increase the daily dosage to kilograms a week, these side effects observed quite rarely, so you don't need to start using any antiestrogens.

·In addition, a low androgenic index allows the drug to be used by women. The medication called Boldenone is the safest drug in the form of injections that even women can take.

·Also very rare are some side effects in such forms as acne, alopecia, hypertrophy of the prostate, etc.

In addition, this medication impacts less on the natural testosterone production than other similar drugs.


Dosing And Administration


Maximum effective allowable dose of the drug is a dose of 400 to 1000 milligrams took weekly. If you use lower dosage, the effect will be less noticeable, and an increase of the quantity taken will give you only negative results. The course usually lasts 8-20 weeks.

Possible Combinations

Winstrol + Anavar - is possible during the stage of drying cycle. Testosterone + Trenbolone combination is used in mass-harvesting courses. If you decide to take this medication solo or in combinations, you might consult with the medics before application.

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