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British Pharma

British Pharma


British Pharma is short ether and refers to the pharmacological products of British Dragon. Its main active ingredient is trenbolone acetate, which has high androgenic and anabolic activity, as well as the shortest period of action among the trenbolone esters. By the ability to increase muscle strength and muscle growth, trenbolone acetate is the best. That is why, he is so much appreciated in such areas as bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Initially, British Pharma products were used in veterinary medicine to improve appetite and weight of animals. Then it went to the sport, where it was widely used. The molecule of the active substance is presented as a modification of nandrolone, after which it was combined with acetate ether. After the injection in the muscle tissue, the ether accumulates in the fat depot, from which it gradually enters the blood. Anabolic activity is very high and is 400% of testosterone, androgenic is also high, but 200%. Injections must be done frequently, since the half-life is very short.

Reviews about British Pharma are positive. Despite the fact that frequent injections are required, the demand for it is not reduced. Thanks to the growth of many indicators, the quality of training increases.


A correctly designed course provides such effects:


·decreased cortisol levels;

·the growth of muscle mass, which can reach 10 kg per course;

·rapid growth of strength indicators;

·stimulation of the synthesis of somatotropin;

·an increase in the production of insulin-like growth factor by half;

·weakening the process of catabolism;

·burning of subcutaneous fat;

·increased libido.

Before buying British Pharma products, please consult with your specialist. On this website you can buy freely any pharmaceutical regarding to any purposes you find appropriate.

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