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Chorionic gonadotropin

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PhotoChorionic gonadotropin Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that forms in the placenta of a woman during pregnancy (slang name: "gonad"). HCG is excreted from the body with urine, after which it is purified in the laboratory. In medicine it is used for the prevention / treatment of menstrual disorders in women; Underdevelopment of external genital organs in men, etc. To purchase this drug, the prescription is not mandatory. But you need to strictly obey the norms that are mandatory for the consumption of this drug. Otherwise you can experience some negative consequences.

Gonadotropin In Bodybuilding: How To Take?

HCG is used in bodybuilding to stimulate the production of sex hormones, as well as the work of the testicles, which contributes to improved spermatogenesis. Athletes often take it during the course of the AU to prevent testicular atrophy. The use of gonadotropin during post-course therapy is not recommended, since it may interfere with recovery after the course. Nevertheless, athletes sometimes include it on PCT after carrying out heavy / long courses of anabolic steroids, but this is only done if the drug has not been used on the course. You can use this medication during the recovery period or after the period of heavy medications. But anyway you need to take care of yourself because this medication is pretty strong.


·Most often, gonadotropin is used in courses longer than 6 weeks, or several drugs have been used.

·The preparation begins with 2-4 weeks of the course; injections are performed 2 times a week (250-500 IU each).

·Attention! The use of the drug ends not after the last injection of the steroid, but after vshema-chorionic-gonadotropin-action of the organisms of AS from the body.

·Next, a PCT is carried out. And during these periods you need to take care of yourself or, what will be better, you might visit professional therapist in order to consult with him.

On long, so-called "perpetual" courses, HCG is administered on an ongoing basis, however every 4-5 weeks you need to take a break for 7-10 days.

Please note that the use of this drug for anabolic purposes is impractical, since the effect of it is less than that of steroids. Especially, in order to get a satisfactory result, a large amount of HCG (about 4000 IU / week or more) is needed, and the use of gonadotropin in large amounts can seriously disrupt the hormonal system, which will affect the hypothalamic / pituitary / testicular arch.

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How to Stab Gonadotropin?

Injectable HCG can be purchased at a pharmacy, a prescription is not required. It is presented as a dry substance in an ampoule; a special liquid is applied to it, which is intended for its dissolution. After mixing, the drug must be introduced into the body by performing intramuscular injection or subcutaneously. Note that if you do not use the entire preparation, the dry part should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 C, and the remaining liquid should be stored in a refrigerator (not stored for more than 2 weeks in an open condition). You need to obey these rules strictly, otherwise the medication can become screwed up.

Gonadotropin Chorionic Side Effects

This drug is relatively safe for health in small dosages (up to 2000 IU). Dosages over 4000-5000 IU can lead to side effects, both from testosterone (acne, gynecomastia, increased blood pressure). But you may not be afraid of the side effects if you take this medication according to the dosages that are implemented by your therapist.

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