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Clenbuterol, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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Clenbuterol - not just a popular drug in the arsenal of modern bodybuilders, "maple" can be called a legendary drug. It is legendary not so much because of its exclusivity, but because of rumors, its surrounding. Alas, most of these rumors are no more than myths that have no basis. So, for example, there was an anabolic component of Clenbuterol, which he did not actually have. Almost the same happened with "outstanding fat burning abilities", on closer examination, not very different, as it turned out, from an ability to cope with the burning of fat by the caffeine combined with ephedrine. And Clenbuterol showed itself as an ant catabolic under the only conditions of well-coped strict diet, which, of course, is not a rejoice.

The Pros of the Medication

By the same time, Clenbuterol has a lot of features, "for the mass-gaining" of admirers of bodybuilding unknown, but allowing to talk of the drug as something really extraordinary. We will focus our attention on these features today.

Clenbuterol for Muscle Mass Gain

So, Clenbuterol can serve as a rather good anti-catabolic in conditions of a strict precompetitive diet. As for the period of muscular mass gain, when the diet of an athlete does not suffer from a lack of calories, on the contrary - there are often too many calories in them, the maple does not show any anti-catabolic properties. So what happens when using "mass work"? Can we count the medication as a useless? And here not! Strangely enough, there are some properties of this medication that could be described.

The amounts about 300-400 micrograms daily, the medication works as a catabolic agent, damages muscle fibers very well. But at that side the catabolic ability - that is so bad for the muscle mass - increasing its recruitment? We will make a reservation right away - the Clenbuterol has such catabolic properties that will be useful only for athletes using androgenic preparations, or, if we will be even more strict, that were totally susceptible to the aromatization properties.

What Are Our Recommendations?

We can offer such practical recommendations for the fast collection of the muscles with the help of the mentioned medication (that could be prescribed with the aromatic medications), Then they can be offered as:

  • Hard trainings that could be traumatic for the one group of muscles. Thay also can include the second group to.
  • These hard trainings should happen no more than once a week.
  • Alternate the injured muscle groups.
  • Clenbuterol dosages should be implemented at the day of the training as we already mentioned, and it should contain about 300-400 mcg, about the number of tablets you better consult with the doctor. Take the drug before the workout; it's better to take it from 6 to 8 hours before it starts.
  • Clenbuterol should not be taken after you take it for the workout.

Clenbuterol, as you must be well known, is produced not only in tablet form, but also in liquid form. Unfortunately, in our market, such drugs are not so common. Why "Unfortunately"? We will explain.

A particular "headache" is often not the general burning of fatty deposits, but the local one. Many have so-called "problem areas", the fat in which they do not want to burn, despite all the tricks. And if it burns, then incidentally, taking a couple of kilos of such muscles we need. Injections of liquid Clenbuterol contribute to the burning of fat just in the problem area.

Contrary to the widely held belief, local - "point" - fat burning is possible, it's just that those who try to achieve it tend to achieve this in completely different areas to which they direct their efforts. Fatty tissue, like muscle tissue, is permeated with nerve fibers. Buy Clenbuterol online in our store.

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