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CLENOGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: Clenbuterol 0.04mg
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100 tablets
30 $

About the drug

Clenoged is not an anabolic steroid, it was originally used for medical purposes, for the treatment of asthmatics. Athletes use Clenoged in their courses to reduce adipose tissue, as well as to reduce catabolism during drying.

Clenoged does not affect the production of testosterone, so the level of endogenous testosterone is always normal.

The process of fat burning is due to the influence of Clenogeda on beta-2 receptors due to which the sympathetic nervous system is excited and the process of burning of subcutaneous fat begins. During the action on beta-2 receptors, chemical processes are initiated that help Clenoged form adenosine monophosphate. Adenosine monophosphate promotes the start of enzymes, and they accelerate fat burning due to an increase in metabolism by 30% of the initial value. Clenoged prevents the recruitment of fat mass, and during its use, even if you score on proper nutrition and eat everything.

Working and Positive Effects

Clenoged has not only a rapid fat burning effect, it also has an anti-catabolic effect and does not allow the destruction of muscle fibers during drying. If you explain by simple, for example, in winter you tried to maximize muscle mass and a lot of fat by the summer, then without pharmacological support it is better not to dry, and then with fat will take a large number of muscles. Taking Clenogeda at this stage will accelerate fat loss and keep muscle tissue incompletely, but more than taking only one sports nutrition.

To maximally prevent the muscles from destruction, Clenogeda should be supplemented with anabolic steroids, for example: Turinabol or Boldenone for men, and Oxandrolone or Primobolan for girls. There is a little nuance that taking anabolics while working on muscle mass to non-performing bodybuilders is not always necessary, but not during drying. After all, even if you do not use steroids at all, you can gain enough of the total mass, but during muscle growth, fat will also accumulate. If you need to keep muscle mass to the maximum, while burning fat, this is possible only with the use of anabolic steroids. Buy Clenoged online and combine it with diet for the best result.

Positive Effects of Citomed:

  • Reduces the destruction of muscle fibers during drying, with a shortage of calories;
  • Accelerates metabolism and burns fat;
  • Reduces appetite, accordingly it becomes easier to keep a diet.

Dosage and Expected Result

It should be understood that this drug is aimed at burning excess weight. This means that you need to drink plenty of water. A lot of water is up to 4 liters a day, not counting tea and coffee.

The substance stimulates the cerebral cortex, so do not take it in the afternoon, as you will be provided with a sleepless night. To the knee-work, tolerance of the organism is developed, due to what, if you do not stop the course after the second week, the efficiency at 3 weeks and further will decrease.

It is worth remembering that if you take fat-burning drugs, but forget about the diet, the effect will be worse. The fat burning courses based on clenbuterol, usually carried out as follows: 14 days of the drug, 14 days of rest. Then the course is repeated. Also it is worth noting that you can not immediately take a large dose, so you need to start with 20 mg, and then increase the dosage every day to 120 mg, steps of 20 mg. Sharply "jump off" is also not recommended, so the first and last days you should drink small doses.

For us, athletes and ordinary people who want to get rid of excess body fat, Clenoged - clenbuterol is interesting in that it allows to start the utilization of fat in the body and lose weight quickly, precisely by burning fat stores. Buy Clenoged online and start the course.

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