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Clenox, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Model: Clenbuterol 0.04mg
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About Clenbuterol in General

Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol, "maple") is the medication usually used by the athletes in order to lose weight, as well as during drying cycles. If we’ll talk about the medical purposes, this medication in often used for the asthma treatment. Today this drug has become very popular among bodybuilders and athletes, as it has an ability to burn extra fat quickly. For speeding up the losing weight process, Clenbuterol might be taken combined with Ketotifen. This drug is not saled as the one with anabolic purposes. Preparations the group Clenbuterol belongs to usually trigger the process of burning fat. To purchase Clenbuterol in a pharmacy, you need a prescription.

How Does The Medication Work?

First of all, usually it is used in order to burn the fatty layer, which is according to the attachment to the receptors responsible for biolysis. After an intake, in addition, a chain of the organism reactions is triggered, which make it end up with the results as a decreasing of the fat percentage in the body.

The Properties of The Medication

Clenbuterol enhances process of adrenaline and nor epinephrine production. After this, the medication provokes an acceleration of metabolic processes by 20-30 percent.

This preparation is well-known as a strong medication that will help you to burn an extra fat, as well as the anti-catabolic medication. This was another good reason for the wide medication usage. In the period of losing weight, dieting and drying, as it protects muscles from destruction

Clenbuterol enhances the process of production of the protein, along with it contributes in the process of increasing body's strengths, which was proven by scientific research several times.

Also proved moderate anabolic affection of the medication on your body, this fact confirms the practice of using bodybuilders.

The drug also can be used for medical purposes. It facilitates breathing, contributing to an expansion of bronchus. In addition, it is worth noting that the the side effects which can seriously affect any system in the body are pretty rare.

How Will the Medication Impact on Your Body?

  • The main effect of it is an effect of burning fat that is extremely useful during the drying.
  • The temperature of the body can be increased.
  • The appetite will be decreased.

We might mention the low statement of the probability of occurrence of the side effects, so we can talk about comparative safety. As well as you take into account the amount of positive qualities of the medication, this one can be classified as one of the most effective and popular means with a fat burning effect.

The Course of Preparation

The maximum effective dosage for men is from 120 to 140 milligrams per day. For women, this dosage is slightly reduced - from 80 to one hundred milligrams daily. To protect yourself from a number of side effects that might occur, you might adhere to all rules of the drug usage strictly.

The course duration is fourteen days. After two weeks, you must take a break for another fourteen days, because the body during this time has time to get used to the action of the active substance, as a result of which its effectiveness is significantly reduced. After a break, you need to restart taking the medication again.

It is possible to use the so-called "pulse-course". Take the medication for 2 days, and then stop taking it for another two days. It is worth noting that this scheme will give less efficient results.

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