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Cloma Pharma

Cloma Pharma


Cloma Pharma is famous for its fat burner with an extract of ephedra. This drug is very effective and is widely used for weight loss in bodybuilding, fitness and other sports. Sports nutrition Cloma Pharma - an exclusive novelty! The composition methyldrene cloma pharma (methyldrene cloma pharma) includes three main components:

·extract of ephedra;

·anhydrous caffeine;


This combination is also known under the abbreviation ECA. It has a synergistic effect, i.e. Each component of the mixture enhances the effect of the other and together they are much more powerful than each component individually.


How Does This Pharmaceutical Work?


The fat burner Methyldrene reviews is exceptionally positive, because It really works and its unique composition is protected by US patents. In addition to the main mixture, the methyldrene 25 cloma pharma is enriched with Hoodia (cactus extract), it contains ginger, chrome, yohimbine HCl, cayenne. Such a composition provides the fastest weight reduction.

Ephedra also stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits, i.e. Strengthens metabolic processes, although the mechanism of its action is somewhat different - it acts as a sympathomimetic, releasing noradrenaline, like adrenaline, which destroys fatty deposits. Another manifestation of ephedra is the suppression of appetite, and it is only about suppressing the desire for unhealthy overeating.

These substances act not only as metabolites and thermogenics, but also as stimulants of the central nervous system (ginseng, yohimbine, theobromine), antioxidants (green tea). Stimulating actions are expressed in increasing motivation, removing fatigue, toning, i.e. Help to train longer, burning more fat at a time, which allows ECA to work longer and more efficiently.

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