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Clomiged 50mg, Golden Dragon

Clomiged 50mg
Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: CLOMIPHENE 1 tab/50mg
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50 tablets
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About the drug

Clomiged is a tablet anti-estrogen preparation. It has the property of increasing (restoring) endogenous production of testosterone in men, for which it is valued by amateurs and sports professionals. It is used primarily in post-course therapy (not on the course) in order to prevent or eliminate the potential side effects of steroids.

Note that the company Golden Dragon provides a system for protecting its own products from counterfeits. Verification of true origin is carried out on the official website of the company (in this case - www.gdverification.com or www.gd-pharm.com/antipiracy) by introducing the verification code of the purchased product (the product code in tablets from the newest lots is found on a holographic sticker on blister).

Working and Positive Effects

At the basis of the drug has a consonant with its name, the active substance - clomiphene (clomiphene citrate). It belongs to hormones, selective estrogen receptor modulators and estrogen synthesis inhibitors (are also sometimes called sex hormones). Clomiphene, at one time, was approved for human intake, and was originally produced only for medical purposes.

Clomiged (clomiphene citrate) has a mechanism of action, tied to the blocking of estrogen receptors in the pituitary and ovaries. In the male body, blocking the receptors of estrogens, the drug prevents their negative effects on the GSH (arc hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles), resulting in increased production of gonadotropins and, as a consequence, testosterone. This is the most valuable effect for athletes.

However, it must be understood that Clogged 50 mg is endowed with both antagonistic (antagonistic) and agonistic (promoting) estrogenic hormone properties. In other words, under certain circumstances he himself inhibits estrogenic activity by binding receptors, while in others he himself acts like estradiol, estriol or estrone, activating the receptors.

Features of Clomiged:

  • Promotes the growth of muscle mass;
  • Increases strength and endurance;
  • Enhances metabolism.

In case of abuse and predisposition, Clomiged may cause side effects in relation to the digestive, central nervous and genitourinary systems, and also cause allergic reactions: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excitability, headache, insomnia, polyuria, discomfort in the groin, vision impairment, hot flushes and others.

As a drug of sports pharmacology Clomiged 50mg is a partial analog of tamoxifen products (see Tamoximed). It should not be compared with anastrozole or letrozole (and even more so, like these anti-estrogens). Buy Clomiged online and get the best price and fast delivery.

Dosage and Expected Result

In sports, the main indication for the use of clomiphene drugs is an increase (recovery) decreased during the course of testosterone production in men. In medicine, sphna reception clomiphene citrate is more extensive: it is used for Stein-Leventhal syndrome, Chiari-Frommel syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, galactorrhea, metrorrhagia, amenorrhea and in a number of other cases.

The recommended dose of Clomigaged varies depending on the circumstances. Athletes at PKT (at the end of the course), as a rule, do not exceed a dosage of 150 mg per day. Buy Clomiged online and start your trainings with real progress.

The use of Clomigged in post-course therapy can last from 2 to 4 weeks. On average, this is 3 weeks, subject to the daily intake of 50-150 mg of the substance. This period and the volume of tablets intake in most cases is sufficient for the manifestation of clomiphene citrate full potential (preventing or eliminating the potential side effects of steroids).

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