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Clomiver is an antiestrogenic substance, the purpose of which is to restore the balance of natural testosterone in the body of an athlete. Used as a restorative at the end of the course of taking anabolic steroids to restore the body's own production of testosterone, and as a preventive measure, which is designed to prevent or stop some of the side effects associated with the violation of the hormonal background in the body of the athlete. The fall of natural testosterone is fraught with quite unpleasant side effects - a decrease in the level of libido, sexual activity. If these signs are ignored, a disruption in the production of natural testosterone can lead even to testicular atrophy. Also, the drop in natural testosterone reduces the strengths and quantity, and the quality of the athlete's weight. The active substance is clomiphene citrate. It belongs to the group of sex hormones, therefore it requires careful monitoring of one's own condition at admission. The most common commercial names are Klomifen, Clom.

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The Description of Clomiver


Clomiver is not an anabolic steroid, but, as already mentioned above, refers to the group of sex hormones and is obtained through synthesis. In conventional medicine, this drug is used mainly by women to stimulate ovulation, when trying to become pregnant. In the arsenal of athletes, he came because of a kind of action on the male body - while the women are activating the ovaries, men receive an impulse for the work of the intermediate brain, pituitary gland and testicles. All this complex interaction leads in the end to an increase in gonadotropins, follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone in the blood. As a result of such changes in the hormonal background, the production of natural testosterone is activated, which is necessary for the normalization of the body's work after taking anabolic steroids, fixing the muscular mass gained, and stimulating the testicles. Positively affects libido and sexual activity. Clomiver is a universal drug that exerts on each of the sexes a specialized effect that is suitable for the realization of certain goals of athletes.

Clomiver normalizes the hormonal background within 10-14 days. That is why it is recommended to begin the reception shortly before the end of the course of conventional steroids, to smoothly restore the natural production of testosterone by the body. If this is not done, or allow a delayed effect, the hormonal background may not be in time to normalize, which will lead to the risk of losing the recruited mass and strength. The best results are achieved with a combination of Clomiver and HCG. The paradox of the drug is that, being a synthetic estrogen, it acts as an anti-estrogen, having an entirely opposite effect on the male body. It not only promotes the natural production of testosterone, but also blocks the estrogens that have arisen as a result of the aromatization of anabolic steroids.

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Some Tips About Clomiver Usage


·Clomiver will be an excellent addition to the final stage of the course of anabolic steroids and after it.

· You will get normalization of the hormonal background and a natural fixation of the muscular mass and strength.

·Dosage should be observed - 50-100 mg per day (1-2 tablets).

·Tablets are usually taken after eating, squeezed them with liquid.

·Fix your results together with this wonderful tool and enjoy the achievements.

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