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Course Danabol + Sustanon 250
Course Danabol + Sustanon 250
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Course Danabol + Sustanon 250


About the drug

If you are considering this combination of anabolic steroids for the first time, then be sure to consider the fact of the presence of a significant fluid retention. That is why this course will never be considered qualitative, but only for obtaining an overall increase in mass.

This is logically understandable if we consider the action of Danabol and Sustanon separately. Such drugs are more suitable for athletes not to beginners, but more experienced, who already could not gain a lot of quality mass in Turinabol, or Stanozolol, but they want more.

Similarly, such a course can help to gain weight to those who experience this problem and suffer from excessive dryness.


Working and Positive Effects


The main of the course itself is to increase strength, endurance and muscle mass. Preparations come into operation quite quickly, and especially Sustanon 250. Already after the first injections, the athlete will feel a great surge of strength and endurance in training. With each subsequent week of admission, it will be noticeable how the muscle mass gets a visible increase.

·The reception begins with Danabol, which we have 100 tab. with the expectation of 5 weeks. Ladder is the most correct way, for the gradual adaptation of the organism to a steroid.


·It is desirable to take Danabol during the day, using a separate method of administration, which means that the daily dose should be evenly divided for the whole day. For example, 2 tab. per day, take 1 tab. in the morning, and the second after dinner, approximately so we maintain the entire course. Tablets should be taken after meals, you can drink, you can dissolve under the tongue, it is considered that it is more effective.


·Sustanon 250 is an excellent steroid injection type, never oral. On a course of 5 weeks, we need 10 ml. (10 cubes), 1 ml each. for 1 time. We put strictly intramuscularly and preferably in the gluteus muscle, you can use a syringe for 2 cubes, only for a full needle. The injection days are Tuesday-Thursday and so on for 5 weeks, 1 Sustanon cube these days.


Expected Result


As a rule, power indicators can increase by an average of 30%, and for 5 weeks of taking Danabol and Sustanon, the athlete is able to gain 8-10 kg. in the mass.

This course includes: Danabol 100 tab. + Sustanon 10 ml. + Clomid 20 tab. + Tribulus.

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