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Course on the mass and strength of Boldenon + Sustanon
Course on the mass and strength of Boldenon + Sustanon
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Course on the mass and strength of Boldenon + Sustanon


Initially, it should be noted that the proposed course refers to the mass-gathering and power. Speak about the quality of the result obtained; you can proceed from the average genetic data of the athlete. An ordinary amateur athlete, from such a course, can get an increase in weight of about 5 - 6 kg for the course. It's hard to talk about the relief and drying here, the emphasis is on mass gathering with a small percentage of fluid retention. If you have a goal to gain weight with a small amount of liquid, then use the combination of steroids Boldenon + Sustanon.


The Muscle Increasing On The Course


It is worth noting that if your physique is initially dry and not prone to fattening, then the increase in muscle will be more qualitative. You can easily enlarge the upper shoulder belt while leaving the waist narrow. But, if you are inclined to fullness, then the course Boldenon + Sustanon should be accompanied by a certain diet, which will not allow an increase in the fatty layer. On the proposed drugs, it is possible to obtain a noticeable increase in muscle mass and strength results, without the appearance of side effects.

·Boldenone - is considered a soft and safe anabolic steroid, which is present in the courses for mass. Based on it, quality courses are prepared, as the drug has a minimum fluid retention and does not provoke the side effects.

·The great advantage of Boldenon + Sustanon is its ability to rapidly increase appetite.

·Unfortunately, in Ukraine and Russia, this steroid has not received proper popularity, but in the western countries, it has no equal.

Sustanon 250 is a very famous anabolic steroid, which is often used in courses on weight and strength. It gives a quick and effective result, after the first intramuscular injection. The drug has a high anabolic index, which is accompanied by aromatization, which plays an important role in the rapid recruitment of musculature.

Some Important Facts About The Course


Also, it is worth noting that Boldenon + Sustanon is prone to fluid retention, but when using not high dosages, it does not look globally. If you need to quickly increase muscle mass, then the fluid retention in the course is simply necessary, otherwise, the process can take a lot of time.

Please note: injection steroids Boldenon + Sustanon should not be kept in the refrigerator, they do not deteriorate at room temperature, even in the open. Cooling oil injections will require additional heating before the introduction itself, which causes a lot of inconveniences.

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