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Course on the mass and strength of Stanozolol and Enanthate
Course on the mass and strength of Stanozolol and Enanthate
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Course on the mass and strength of Stanozolol and Enanthate


The offered course Stanozolol and Enanthate are in great demand among sportsmen of the most different directions. It can be used, both for strength, for endurance, and for a set of muscle mass. With the help of these drugs, you can collect a good course for a beginner and for an experienced athlete. Everything is in the chosen dosages, and this uniquely affects the result.

If you are a beginner, then this course Stanozolol and Enanthate will be productive for you and not dangerous. The number of drugs and dosages are chosen in such a way that financially making this purchase was maximally profitable and at no extra cost. Stanozolol and Enanthate are definitely not suitable for professional athletes who use just cosmic doses to meet their needs for growing strength, endurance, and weight.


Effect of taking drugs on the course


•Stanozolol - can be used by any manufacturer and have its own brand name, Strombofort, Stanover, Strombaged, Stanabol, it's all the same. The drug does not have high anabolic parameters, but nevertheless, the musculature has a pronounced growth on the course.

•Testosterone Enanthate - this course is offered in a 10 ml vial, but you yourself can call and ask to replace it with any other manufacturer. We recommend to consider the production of Balkan Pharma, it is 100% original, in ampoules of 1 ml, all in packages with instructions and the presence of codes for verification.

The intake of oral Stanozolol and Enanthate is recommended to be done correctly, your result depends on it. To make it clear, the course begins on Monday. Tablets are taken every day without a pass. The beginning, as always, will be a little pea with a gradual increase in the daily dosage, see in the lower table, if it is not clear, or if there are any questions, then contact the administrator by phone.

In Stanozolol and Enanthate course, it is recommended to inject Enanthate 2 times a week 1 cube at a time and strictly intramuscularly. Anabolic steroids of the injection form are always put intramuscularly and never intravenously, it is really very dangerous. The proposed dosage of 500 mg for one week is considered average and well suited for beginners and average athletes.


After the course


Mandatory after course Stanozolol and Enanthate, it is recommended to use the drug for recovery. You should understand that taking anabolic steroids always has a negative effect on the development of the main male hormone Testosterone.

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