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Course Stanozolol + Parabolan
Course Stanozolol + Parabolan
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Course Stanozolol + Parabolan


About the drug

If you want to increase the power indicators and leave your weight category in a certain range, then it is worth trying to buy a course of Stanozolol and Parabolan. These two steroids have always been considered power and powerlifting is known to them by many.

The combination of these drugs is well suited for drying and not a large set of quality muscle mass. Also, increased strength and endurance an integral part of the work of these two anabolic steroids. First of all, the course of Stanozolol and Parabolan should be taken to accelerate the process of losing weight and recruitment of relief musculature.


Working and Positive Effects


The duration of the proposed course is 5 weeks. During this period, the athlete is able to score 3 - 5 kg. muscle mass, and power indicators increase by 25 - 35%. Given a good diet, you can throw about 5 kg. fatty interlayer. These are the average indicators of this course, they may differ depending on the body's response to certain anabolic steroids.

·Reception Stanozolol 100 tab. always start with a smooth introduction of the drug and with a minimum dosage of 20 mg. per day. Then gradually increase by 40 mg. using a separate method of reception, the so-called crushing into equal doses.

·Parabolana 10 injections are designed for 5 weeks, it is necessary to inject intramuscularly 2 times a week. Choose 2 any days a week.


After the course of Stanozolol and Parabolan should preferably be carried out as the suppression of own testosterone will be in any case.


Expected Result


Stanozolol and Parabolan in combination give very noticeable results, because above all, they strictly treat high-quality anabolics. In combination with the right diet, the athlete can bring his body in order. If you take into account the basic facts of increasing work capacity in training, then the potential for burning extra calories, just perfect. Accordingly, you can get a relief of musculature with a little venous.

This course includes: Stanozolol 100 tab. + Parabolan 10 ampoules + Clomid 20 tab.

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