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Course Turinabol + Parabolan
Course Turinabol + Parabolan
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Course Turinabol + Parabolan


About the drug

The course Turinabol and Parabolan is able to give the athlete everything necessary to achieve the set goals. He is well suited, both dry and full-bodied athletes. As a rule, everything is regulated by the proper intake of food and by the trainings themselves. If you want to gain a quality mass without water and fat, then put emphasis on a good complex of sports nutrition, for starters, you can consider taking the protein 2 - 3 times a day only after training.

The use of vitamins and even creatine is an excellent potential for increasing the working capacity and rapid recovery of any athlete. Training is desirable to be carried out in the direction of the base, which gives more effect on the set of mass, but about additional isolated sometimes it is also necessary to remember.


Working and Positive Effects


Receiving Turinabol always begins with minimal doses of 2 tab and gradually rises to a safe maximum of 4 tab. per day. The drug is taken strictly every day without a pass. It lasts exactly 5 weeks, it's a pack of 100 tablets.

In days of training it is necessary to take the entire daily dose for an hour, until the training itself it is believed that this enhances the effect. This is not an obligatory requirement, you can take it in a separate way, split the daily dose into several equal receptions, so it will be correct. Turinabol can dissolve under the tongue, or you can just drink it with water, the effect is almost the same.

·For injections, choose 2 days a week (Monday - Thursday or Tuesday – Friday)

·In the selected days you need to put 1 ml. Parabolana and so exactly 5 weeks.

·The drug can be stabbed at any time convenient for you, but preferably not before going to bed.

Parabolan - intramuscular injections on an oily basis, like all similar steroids. The drug does not cause painful sensations when you enter the solution into the muscles and throughout the course does not hurt. For injections, you can choose a syringe for 5 cubes, or 2 cubes, where the needle is slightly thinner and smaller. But remember that the standard needle of a 2-cube syringe should be inserted almost the entire length.


Expected Result


For athletes who want to dry and remove extra pounds in the waist area, and then to pump up quality musculature, it is worth considering suitable courses like Turinabol and Parabolan.

In this course enter: Turinabol 100 tab. + Parabolan 10 amp. + Clomid 20 tab.

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