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Course Turinabol + Trenbolone acetate
Course Turinabol + Trenbolone acetate
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Course Turinabol + Trenbolone acetate


About the drug

Many athletes, often looking for a ready course for drying and weight, which could significantly increase muscle volume and remove the fat layer. To choose a similar combination of anabolic steroids, which could give a real result, is very difficult. In practice, we can meet similar courses aimed at drying and mass, but their effectiveness is often very small.

This is due to the selection of soft and safe steroids, which give some results, but in priority do not harm the body.

Course Turinabol and Trenbolone acetate, can be attributed to the category of effective and moderately strong steroids. Trenbolone is considered a basic steroid, which occupies a leading position among strong injecting drugs. Its main action is aimed at increasing strength and endurance, as well as a very effective increase in dry muscle. Very often, this anabolic is used in courses on drying, because its characteristics make it clear that burning fat is always present.


Working and Positive Effects


Initially, it is worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that all courses are made for amateurs with an average weight category from 70 to 85 kg. Dosages at the rate are calculated not high, but rather average and suitable for beginners and middle athletes, but not proffi, who have been sitting on chemistry for years.

·It is advisable to start the tablets of Turinabol with the minimum dosages and gradually output a maximum of 4 tablets per day.

·The body can freely get used to the drug and not get a negative load.

·Many oral anabolics are taken for many years.

·Exit from the course is accompanied by a reduction in the maximum dosage at the very minimum.

Also, this course can be used for athletes with a weight category of 90 to 95 kg. This is due to the presence of Trenbolone acetate form, which is considered a strong and effective steroid. First and foremost, the athlete, who is going to buy Turinabol and Trenbolon, should understand that he is using a strong course.


Expected Result


The admission of Trenbolone acetate is reduced to 2 intramuscular injections, every week, for 5 weeks. You need to put 2 times a week, 1 cube for 1 time and no more than.

PCT after the course of Turinabol and Trenbolone, it is advisable not to miss, because you use stronger steroids and restore the hormonal system, it is simply necessary.

This course includes: Turinabol 100 tab. + Trenbolone acetate 10 ml. + Clomid 20 tab.

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