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Danabol, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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Everybody of us who have at least once heard word ‘steroids’, knows about such drug as Danabol. This world known medicament has been created for…but wait, let’s start from the very beginning and consequently consider all properties of this medicament. In this article we will speak about basic characteristics of this drug, its doses and influence on our organism including all indications and contraindications. Let’s start!

The main characteristics of Danabol pills

First of all you should know that anabolik is produced by the famous Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The main active component of this med is Balkan. Let’s consider what is the result after taking anabolik and for what purposes its using will fit best of all. After the course of this drug taking you will be able to significantly increase the mass of your muscles and together with it increase your endurance and strength. The main process which gives such excellent result consists in increasing of protein synthesis in human organism. As a result-your body produces much more protein and you achieve your main aim-increase muscles’ mass. One more feature of anabolik, that also influences on the positive result is appetite increasing. Beside this, anabolik increases the transport of calcium and important trace elements into bone tissues, and the process of blood circulation, as a result of which more important substances can enter your muscles.

Danabol effects

Many people who have decide to take the course of Danabol face the choice which will be better- to choose solo course or the combination? In what dosages it will be the most effective to take it? Here you will find answers on all such questions. First thing that you should know is that the best way of taking anabolik is to use its SOLO course. In a solo course the safest and the most effective using will be taking Danabol pills during 42 days with the dosage of 30 grams. In the case if you have decide to use anabolik together with Testosteron, its dosage will differ. In such situation you must take Propionate everyday with the dosage of 95mg and add to it anabolik taking with the dosage of 35 mg during 50 days. Another combination will be prescribed for those people who have already had experience of taking steroids. For such people combination will be the following:

  • methane + enanthan + tren.
  • For 56 days they must take anabolik with a dosage of 45 mg, Testosterone enanthate with a dosage of 650 mg and Trenbolone enanthate with a dosage of 250 mg.
  • At the end of the course (that will last about 70 days) they must take about 45 mg of stanozolol everyday and 90 mg of propionate testosterone once per two days.
  • During the course of using testosterone enanthan it is also necessary to use cabergoline with a quarter of dose once per three days.

Where to buy Danabol 

When you have eventually decided to purchase Danabol online- be very careful. Don’t buy it from unchecked distributor who offers you suspiciously low prices. In majority of cases you will get a fake meds. For the safest and the most reliable ordering we recommend you to buy Danabol online directly from our website. Highest quality and affordable price is guaranteed. Moreover we cooperate directly with the manufacturer without any intermediation, thereby bearing full responsibility for this drug.

As the conclusion we want to say that the main thing for achieving the desired result is competent approach, which includes correct dosages, reliable distributor and high quality of the drug.

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