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Decabol 300, British Dragon

Decabol 300
Producer: British Dragon
Model: Nandrolone decanoate 1ml/300mg
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10 ampoules
75 $

About the drug

Decabol is universal and has a fairly wide range of applications, which is not limited to the world of sports, but also used for medical purposes. In the body Decabol is injected, which contains a highly active chemical element - NandroloneDecanoate. As a medicine, Decabol is used to combat bone tissue problems, contributing to their regeneration without the use of surgical means. Another drug Decabol is used for diseases of protein deficiency and post-operative reconstitution of the body.

The composition of the drug Decabol is unique, it contains enzymes that transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, thereby minimizing the effect of Nandrolone on the body. For this reason, athletes using this anabolic do not face negative effects on the prostate, skin and hair. The androgenic effect of Decabol is also greatly reduced, compared to other anabolics.Our online store sells exclusively original product and values its reputation.

Working and Positive Effects

Decabol - one of the most recognizable steroids in our country, even our grandfathers were drunk with a deck and methane. Decabol is great for mass gathering courses, you can dial up to 8kg of muscle mass and at the same time, practically nothing to lose, dosages of nandrolone fluctuate from 200 to 600mg per week, stab every week or 2 times a week at regular intervals. the optimal dosage is 4 mg of substance per 1 kg of weight of the athlete. However, it is worth remembering that athletes who will undergo doping control should not take this drug because it is permanently retained in the body. If you indulge in high doses of the deck, then men may experience delays in permatogenesis, that is, the body stops producing its testosterone for a while. An important advantage of the deck is the "lubrication" of the joints, that is, the deck accumulates water in the connective tissue and thereby facilitates pain in the joints.

Effects of Decabol:

  • Accelerate the growth of strength, muscle mass, accelerate the overall recovery of the body between the loads;
  • A pronounced strengthening effect on the joints and ligaments;
  • More libido;
  • More strength of bones.

Decabol is primarily a strong anabolic. The index of its anabolic activity is 150% of endogenous testosterone, which is quite a lot. Androgenic activity at the same time, it is reduced and equal to 30% of testosterone. The effect of his injections lasts long enough - about 15 days since the last application. Therefore, too often it is introduced, there is no need (usually injections are put once or twice a full week).In our store you can buy the original Decabol online at the best price.

Dosage and Expected Result

It is important to understand immediately that the course should be prepared in accordance with special rules. The first and most important rule is to take decabol only with testosterone, the dosage of which will be more than twice. For example, if your weekly dosage of "Decabol" is 150 milligrams, you should definitely take 300 milligrams of testosterone in the background.

The second condition is no less important. It implies that it is necessary to control the level of prolactin in the blood. The control should be as strict as possible. If the level of prolactin is exceeded even a little, then you can with an absolute guarantee to say that serious side effects cannot be avoided. If this happens, you must definitely start taking kabergoline.Remember that exceeding the permissible dosages can harm your health. Consult a doctor before starting the course. If you no longer have doubts, buy Decabol online and increase your sports performance.

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