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Decanol 200
Decanol 200
Model: nandrolone decanoate 200 mg/ 1 ml
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10 ampoules
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Decanol 200

Read the Overall Description of Decanol-200 before Buying It Online


The name Decanol-200 is the trademark of the famous active ingredient produced by the company. The active ingredient has entered the pharmacology marketplace in early 1950s, and it has immediately increased its own popularity due to the pharmacological properties. Completely opposite to the fact that it has been about fifty years since the advent of the medications, it still maintains leadership positions among the existing anabolic. In the chemistry this drug is called 19-nortestosterone. Decanol-200 is characterized by facilitating tissue regeneration during the post-traumatic period, accelerating the healing of tendons, increasing the production of intraarticular lubrication, which affects the removal of joint pain. A positive fact is that side effects are rare. Injections of the drug are done 1 or 2 times a week, since deaconate has a half-life from the body from 7 to 9 days.

The names of similar drugs manufactured by other companies: Retabolil, Deca Durabolin, Nandrolone D Dekverer, and others. The medication Decanol-200, manufactured by the Malay Tiger seems to be the anabolic steroid, which is available only in the form of the injections. The anabolic activity of the medication seems to be quite increased- hundred and fifty percents of testosterone. We can say at the same time that the drug has pretty low estrogenic activity. The low conversion of the Decanol-200 is caused by this.

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The Characteristics of The Medication Called Decanol-200


  • This drug is strongly anabolic. Significant results could be achieved during the long time and the phenomenon of recoil by the end of the course is small enough;
  • The drug helps to increase the collagen production, theconsequence of which is the increased strength of the bones and the overall body are strengthened;
  • Decanol-200 usually relieves the pain in joints that might be experienced by the athletes as itcontributes to the fluid development;
  • The drug improves much the transport system of the oxygen;
  • This medication increases your power, speed and overall capabilities.

The Dosage and The Courses


In order to achieve the best possible effect you might intake the dosage of 4 milligrams per 1 kg of the body weight per week. For example, if your weight is 90 kg, then the applied dose of Deca is 360 mg / week.

If you increase the dosage, the results will not improve, but if you suddenly decrease it, the efficiency will be lowered, and the result will not be this kind of efficient.

The duration of the course is in average from six to eight weeks. While drinking Decanol-200 for the period that is more than six weeks, then at the fifth week, your course should another supplementary twice a week.

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Decanol-200: Course Combinations


To achieve optimal results, Decanol-200 should be combined with other drugs. The most common and effective are the bindings of Nandrolone decanoate + Methane (Naposim, Danabol, Metaxone, etc.). When you use this combination, the effect of each drug increases several times, while side effects on the body are minimized. A combination with Methandienone or Sustanon is also used. Other combined courses for mass: Testosterone / Sustanon, Methandienone. When the drying cycle is completed, the linkage Dekanol-Winstrol (Stanozolol) works effectively.

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