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The Description of Deka-Durabolin


Active chemical substance: nandrolone decanoate

Manufacturer: Organon, Holland

Concentration: 200 mg in 1 vial (2 ml)

The price is for: 1 bottle

Flask 2ml, 1ml / 100mg

Deka Durabolin has always been considered an elite version of the deka, because the company is produced in Holland by the company Organon. The price is slightly more expensive than the nandrolone from the balkan thanks to a well-known brand. It cannot be said that the deck of Durabolin is cleaner or stronger than the Balkans. According to the reviews of different athletes, one is better than the Balkan deka, the other is just Durabolin. In any case, you can be sure that this drug will give a strong simple muscle mass and strength. The course is better done for 6-12 weeks. A good option is a course for 8 weeks.


How to take Deka Durabolin?


The minimum dosage from which goes guaranteed growth is 200 mg per week. How exactly you stab yourself, but best of all in the buttocks or thighs. The use of nandrolone on the course is absolutely not annoying, because You only need to prick it once a week. It is well combined with sustanone and other steroids, in particular methane, stanazolol.

·The instructions indicate that it is recommended for people with muscle deficiency, people after surgery, burns and injuries, for accelerated healing.

·For those who have any problems with joints, a course with Durabolin is very recommended, since. The drug "smears" the joints.


In Durabolin, classical side effects of the decks are increased pressure on the course, suppression of testosterone.

With us, you can buy this drug by mail. The price for 1 ampoule is indicated in red. Add to cart and place an order. Many people think that Deka Durabolin can be found in a pharmacy. This is unlikely, because The drug is imported and quite rare, few pharmacies can keep it in stock and without a prescription you will not be sold.

The past few years, the number of steroids on the market has increased at times. Now every athlete has the opportunity to purchase the drug that will best meet his needs and wishes. Deca Durabolin is a popular steroid that is injected. This drug has the advantage over steroids, which are available in the form of tablets, because its active agents quickly enter the body and are absorbed there. Also, deca of durabolin does not have a detrimental effect on the liver, which preserves the health of the athlete.


Advantageous Price For Deca Durabolin In Our Online Store


Among the advantages of using this steroid can be noted:

·Effective increase in muscle mass;

·Strengthening of bone tissue;

·Significantly increases endurance;

·Increasing in the production of red blood cells.

All these advantages allow us to consider the Deka Duraboline as one of the most effective drugs that helps athletes in weight gain. The prices for it in our store are the lowest. The feedback from our customers suggests that it is profitable and easy to buy sports nutrition from us. We will arrange delivery to any convenient post office.

Accelerating the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, also noted the acceleration and growth of the genital organs. Activates androgen-dependent glands (sebaceous, sexual), promotes suppression of Leydig cells in high doses, due to oppression of pituitary gland release of lyutenizing and follicle-stimulating hormones lowers the biosynthesis of sexual endogenous hormones.

Increases the absorption of the amino acids from the intestine. In the bone marrow stimulates the anabolic effects and production of erythropoietin, which, while concomitant administration of preparations containing iron, provides anti-anemic action.

It regulates the lipid profile of the blood, inhibits the synthesis of certain plasma clotting factors in the liver, strengthens the kidneys to reabsorb water and sodium, leading to peripheral edema. Mammary carcinoma of the disseminated type shows efficacy.


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