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DIANOGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: methandrostenolone 1tablets/10 mg
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100 tablets
39 $


It is a modern steroid agent with a high anabolic activity and moderate androgenic action, the active substance of which is methandienone. This drug is used primarily in sports practice, in particular among athletes in bodybuilding. It is managed for achieving a rapid growth of muscle mass, as well as for expanding the general toughness of the the body.

Dianoged 100 tab 10 mg is created by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. This is a manufacturer whose products have recently appeared on the market (in 2013 year). Despite the novelty, these preparations have promptly evolve into in a high demand and can boast of excellent articles, both from newcomers and from experienced professionals.

Dianoged in tablets: detailed description

The functional object of this remedy is methandienone. It is a modification of testosterone, which is characterized by reduced androgenic and mergered properties, which are manifested in a strong addition in span and physical parameters when seized. This medicament first appeared on the market in the 60s of the last century and almost immediately became popular. Today, the trade for this product has not diminished: it remains one of the most favorite AAS athletes and at the equal time one of the most sufficient steroids feasible today.

Dianoged made by Golden Dragon as a sports output is endowed with all the best estates of its operative stuff. With its right employment, the following powerful issues so conviniental for the athletes will happen:

Accrued strength;Rapid and pronounced widen in tissue lump;Improving the mechanism of protein fusion;Strengthen the bone structure and heighten the appetite;Significant anti-catabolic reaction.

It is meaningful to declare that the plan of Dianoged 10mg is fast enough. The duration of it is about 5 hours after taking the last pill. Therefore, to resolve the thirsted corollary, it is occasionally related on a daily groundwork (before or after eating and not on an empty stomach).

Course of Dianoged taking

These tablets are prescribed mainly to men, but also they can be got by women, however, only in smaller doses.In such wise, when for men the endorsed dram is 5-50 mg per day, for women it will be 2-5 mg per day. If the above noticed degrees are exceeded, the athletes are likely to be troubled by the fallouts of virilization, including hair embolizing, changes in body shape and coarsening of the voice.

The advised portion of Dianoged for men  is 5-50 mg per day. To reach the eagernessed denouement , you should take tablets on a regularly basis (it is recommended to take pills before or after eating). This frequency of handing is explained by comparably short continuation of the its operation (the perpetuation of its enterprise is about 5 hours). You can also combine this pharmacy with other medications for consummating  the enjoyed feedback more quickly. Dianoged + nandrolone decanoate will permit fine events in the muscle mass gaining. You can consume bluds conforming to the following scheme: methandienone - daily for 30 mg (1-6 weeks), nandrolone - 200 mg per week (1-8 weeks). At the 9-10 weeks the output commences while this system should be used at the measure of 100 mg per day and 40 mg per day respectively. After PKT begins - each day you have to  hold tamoxifen in doses of about 10-20 mg. Also for the time of the therapy you may need Proviron.

You can bargain Dianoged on the official website of our store, as well as many other kinds of sports pharmacology, starting from peptides and ending with antiestrogens. In this situation, the purchase will be comfortable, reliable and can become very profitable. Here you will be able to redeem  Dianoged online at the very attractive price. With positive reports from many our customers you can be sure that you procure high-quality crop that will not bring any harm to your well-being.

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