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Model: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
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About the drug

Durabol 100 is a steroid that is produced under different names; in USA and Europe, nandrolonedeca, decabol, retabolil, dekver and others are common, in this case we consider the drug by the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon, under the name Deca-Durabolin, its price in comparison with other analogues is quite the advantage of the deck of durabolines is that it is packaged in 2 ml vials that open easily unlike ampoules, making its use practical, the bottle does not crack in your hands and will not spill.

Decadurabolin can be bought from one bottle, this fact makes reviews about it even brighter, the deck of Durabol is widely spread in Ukraine, its ratio of price and quality was experienced by more than 80% of athletes around the world. Another weighty plus DecaDurabolin, judging by the reviews, is that the course with it is one of the safest, as 100 ml of active substance nandrolonedecanoate is applied to 1 ml of liquid - this excludes the appearance of abscesses, seals and pain.


Working and Positive Effects


Nandrolonedecanoate is produced exclusively in the injectable form for intramuscular injection, "Deca" as it is called in gyms is the basis in anabolic combined courses of steroids, its effect is in the collection of the muscular mass and the development of strength indicators. Nandrolone is a favorite drug, it has strong anabolic properties and relatively weak androgenic ones.

Effects of Durabol:

•Up to 7-10 kg muscle mass pump;

•Extreme body growth;

•High immunity and libido.

Durabol 100 is used by athletes around the world, primarily muscular mass accumulates in the base period up to 10 kg per course, with proper nutrition and training. It has many advantages, it is non-toxic to the liver, it increases the synthesis of protein, so that muscle fibers can increase their growth in two. Reduces the amount of catabolic hormone cortisol, increases metabolism, improves blood circulation in the body, also increases sexual desire in men and women.

Athletes around the world choose this steroid. This is good because you can achieve high results in a short period of time with minimal side effects. The main thing is not to combine a lot of steroids during the course. Be sure to go through the recovery period after the end of taking steroids. This normalizes the body's robot and tones the body.Buy Durabol online in our website and get your parcel as fast, as you can imagine.


Dosage and Expected Result


Athletes undergo a course to build up mass with the help of Durabol 100, since the increased muscle mass and strength can persist for a much longer time than Deca. The effect of the drug can be increased with a combination of 50 mg Testosterone Propionate every 20 mg Winstrol. The average dosage of the drug for men should not exceed 200-400 mg per week, but even with increasing dosage of Durabol, the athlete has a much lower risk of side effects than with Deca. In women, side effects can manifest as an increase in the level of estrogens in the blood and increase the pressure. Also, Durabol is not only effective, but also a medical steroid, because it does not have any negative effect, and even vice versa, because in medicine I use the drug for the treatment and restoration of the liver. Side effects occur most often in women, and as for men, their side effects are extremely rare.Most of the problems associated with the drug, are due to an overdose of the drug. Take the steroid in the volume that your doctor prescribed. So you minimize possible side effects. Avoid fakes or substandard drugs. Buy Durabol online in our store at a good price. We cooperate only with official distributors.

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