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Effective course for weight Anapolone + Sustanon
Effective course for weight Anapolone + Sustanon
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Effective course for weight Anapolone + Sustanon


The course Anapolon + Sustanon is a good option for combining power steroids, for a fast set of muscle mass and strength. This course turns on two famous and strong anabolic steroid. Many power bodybuilders could not get by in their courses, without Anapolon + Sustanon.

Who is this course for?

This course is destined for a middle amateur athlete, dosages are chosen in such a road that you can defend your body from probable side results. It is worth remembering that the use of too large dosages does not always lead to an increase in the tendency of muscle increase in strength, always such tests can lead to pimples. What an athlete can get from the right course of Anapolon + Sustanon 250:

·Intensive muscular growth;

·Noticeable leap of power results;

·Suppression of the catabolism;

·Increased feelings of sexual activity

These are the main detectors that are introduced in this course Anapolon + Sustanon, they provide a constant increase in your results. If you have a real problem with weight gain or muscle mass, then this option will be the most suitable for obtaining the desired result.


How to take a course correctly


In the correctness of receiving Anapolon + Sustanon in the course, there is nothing complicated, because the calculation is done on the middle athlete, so everything is simple. The course is designed for 5 weeks since the standard duration of taking these steroids is 4 to 6 weeks, we choose 5 weeks.

Anapolon - We accept Anapolon 7 days to 1 tab. several days, before meals, or after, for preference in the afternoon. After a week of taking, magnification the dosage and take 2 tabs. every day for 3 weeks. Daily intake is appropriate to separate, one tablet in the morning, and the second in the second, at a time to drink everything is not worth it. In the last fifth week, Anapolon should take 1 tab. 7 days, this will decrease and exit from the course.

Sustanon -250, in this course, is proposed in the volume of 10 ampules, or 10 cubes, per 1 cubic is 250 mg. substance. The average dosage is 500 mg. a week, or 2 ampules (two cubes per week). Put better 2 times a week, select any two days Monday - Thursday, or Tuesday - Friday.

After the course Anapolon + Sustanon, you should take care of the rapid reduction of your body.

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