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The Chemical Structure of Ephedrine


This medication belongs the division called psychoactive alkaloids. Ephedrine has simulative effect. This medication is included to the kind of adrenergic receptor agonists, which in its structural composition resembles drugs like metamphetamine.

The results of disintegration caused by this medication are: the extremely significant increasing in the number of free fatties in the body, as well as the body temperature increases slowly (, metabolism is stimulated), an overall level of fat decreases, the tension of a blood increases. Some people believe that ephedrine can be combined with other steroids because it improves their anabolic effect. As an additional efficiency, ephedrine affect the contraction of the body muscles, it significantly increases it.


Some Historical References

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The medication called ephedrine is used in medicine widely. Among the USA it was for a long time included among the variety of stimulants, suppressants of an appetite, drugs that treat asthma. Recently, the US has improved control on the ephedrine market, since Ephedrine has often been applied as a starting material to product the methamphetamine.

·The medication called Ephedrine is readily everywhere available because it is listed among non-prescription drugs.

·In this regard, various actors have an opportunity to apply Ephedrine for their own purposes. Since this medication has become widely known, the volume of its sales has greatly increased.

·In this regard, many states have set themselves the task at the legislative level to control the sale of substances that can potentially be suitable for the creation of narcotic drugs.

·In the United States the government has already limited consumption and all kinds of sales channels for ephedrine on the basis of the federal law passed in 2006.

·Recently, another type of drug addiction began to spread - the so-called methamphetamine drug.

·In connection with this fact, the variety and statistic of crimes committed among the state of drug intoxication gone up.

It is extremely possible the scenario in which very soon ephedrine will be included in the list of medications that need to be controlled at the legislative level. According to Criminal Code action on the territory of the Russian Federation, this medication is considered a precursor of narcotics; accordingly, an illegal turnover of this medication is prosecuted by law.

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Pharmacological Action

Accordingly to various studies, the medication is symptomatic, and stimulates various receptors. This medication acts directly to the varicose thickening efferent fibers, affects releasing of the noradrenalin into the synaptic cleft. Additionally, this drug slightly affects adrenoreceptors. Ephedrine has a vasoconstrictive, bronchodilating as well as psychostimulating effect. Improves OPSS (general peripheral vascular resistance) and systemic tension of the blood, increases minute volume of blood circulation, increases frequency of the heartbeats, affects AV conduction, increases tone of the body muscles, and the glucose level in the blood. Suspends peristalsis based on intestine, dilates pupils (thus, without affecting accommodation as well as intraocular pressure). Has a stimulating effect on your central nervous system, in its psycho-stimulating effect resembles phenamine. Ephedrine reduces an activity of the monoamine oxidase as well as catecholamine-O-methyltransferase. It stimulates alpha-adrenergic receptors of the blood vessels that fulfil skin, narrowing dilated vessels as well as reducing permeability, leads to the reduction in swelling in hives. Additionally, Ephedrine is affecting both alpha and beta-adrenoreceptors (as stimulation).

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