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Nandrolone phenylpropionate (Fenilver) from Vermodje

Nandrolone phenylpropionate (Fenilver) manufactured by Vermodje is produced in ampoules, in barrels, in one barrel 10ml of substance, per 100ml of substance is 100 mg of nandrolone phenylpropionate.

This anabolic steroid, which has strong anabolic activity and does not aromatize, phenylversion vermodzha is able to increase the amount of prolactin in the body, the fenilver from vermoidja very well helps to gain dry muscle mass, without unnecessary water retention in the body, the phenyverver is a short-acting drug, its concentration in the blood Is 2-4 days after the injection.

Always combine the Fenilver from the irradiation with whatever testosterone that would be a good libido on the course, since the nandrolone can lower it if you put it in solo. Phenylerver oil is very soft, and leaves no cones and painful reactions after the injection.

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The Effects of Fenilver


·Increased muscle mass in a short time.

·Increased strength.

·Increased appetite.

·Acceleration of protein synthesis.

·Helps to recover better after training.

·Increases Stamina.

·Improves the delivery of nutrients to the muscles.


Side Effects of Fenilver


When injecting a phenylversion from a vermicode, there may be side effects such as:

·Increased blood pressure.

·Decreased libido due to the fact that nandrolone suppresses the production of its own testosterone and is not aromatized.

·Acne (pimples on the body).


·Prolactin gynecomastia (breast enlargement).

·Fast fatiguability.


Buy Fenilver in Ukraine


You can buy the original Fenilver from Vermodje in our store, we have it original, and the active substance is fully consistent with the claimed, you can check the authenticity of the drug on the official website of Vermodje, but there is no special need because we are confident in our products and take it Only from the first hands, directly from the factory where it is produced.

Fenilver price is lower than in other online stores, we try to make the price as low as possible.

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How to take Fenilver


Nandrolone F from Balkans can and should be combined with any steroid drugs, here are some examples of courses. On the first course it is good to put 100mg testosterone propionate + 100mg phenyliver, the course for 6-8 weeks, put the injections in a day, that would keep a constantly high concentration of the active substance in the body, this course can be well added to muscle mass.

On the second course, we put 150mg phenylever + 150mg testosterone propionate every other day, + 30mg methandrostenolone per day, this will be a more serious course for weight.

On the third course 200mg nandrolone phenylver + 200mg testosterone propionate every other day + vinstrol 150mg every other day, the course is 8 weeks, in this course you can not dry up badly, plus increase the strength and muscle mass.

On the fourth course, we take 200 mg of nandrolone phenyliver every other day + 750 mg of sustanone per week + 100 mg of anapolone per day + 150 mg of masterone every other day, a very good course for a quick set of muscle mass.

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