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Five steps to reach your goal. TOP-5 steroids of all times

Today you will hardly find a person who hasn't heard about steroids. When we see these cool guys with perfect bodies each of us understands that this is the result of hard workouts, correctly balanced nutrition, and steroids taking.

Growth HormoneYou are far from the bodybuilding world if you think that such results can be achieved without taking the additional preparations. Remember once and for all- each of those super-bulking bodybuilders which you see on the TV screen is on steroids. So, if you wanted to get such results without these drugs, the one thing is left to do is to put up with the fact that it’s impossible. Workouts + nutrition + steroids = desired body. The main thing is to combine properly all these constituents to get the desired result and not to harm your health.

In this article, we are going to consider five most popular steroids which quality is truly proven with the time. Each of these preparations increases your stamina, increases significantly your strength and, of course, provides with the noticeable muscle mass growth. We are not going to advertise each of these steroids, you will see the result with your own eyes if you take whichever of these preparations correctly. How to take them correctly, you ask? This was our main task when preparing this article. In our review we will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of each drug among five listed, warn you about possible side effects and the ways to limit them, and, of course, tell you about the final results which can be achieved after the course of each of these drugs. So, if you are ready to change your life and become several steps closer to your dream, let’s start! Meet five TOP steroids of all times or just five cool guys which will change you forever!

Cool guy #1: Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone SuspensionThe first guy in our list of TOP five steroids of all times is Testosterone. It’s not surprising that this drug occupies the first position – it is one of the most effective and time-proven steroids which has changed lives of many professional bodybuilders greatly, helping them to achieve their cherished dream and get the world popularity.

If you want to get the strength increase and significant muscle mass growth, professional bodybuilders claim that suspension of Testosterone will be the best choice. Why? The answer is simple – in comparison with all other forms of Testosterone, the suspension will provide you with the fastest results because it doesn’t consist ester in it.

The main disadvantages of this steroid, or rather this form of steroid is that it’s taking is quite painful. Also, due to the short duration of the half-life of this preparation, you will have to take it daily or even twice in a day to get the optimal results. In addition to this, you should take into account that most probably you will be able to purchase the veterinary version of this steroid, which means that it has the comparably large size of its crystals. Because of this fact, vet testosterone suspension may clog the syringe and cause some inconveniences when taking.

Cool guy #2: Insulin

InsulinMost probably, the first thing that you will say when have read the word “insulin” on the second position of our list is “What? It’s even not a steroid!” But do not jump to conclusions and give us a second to explain you everything.

The first thing that we want to claim is yeah, it’s not a steroid. But even without being a steroid drug, Insulin can provide you with the great anabolic growth of muscles because of its unique properties. We all know that this preparation is taken by the people who have diabetes, but thanks to its way of action, this drug can be effectively used for muscle mass growth. Let’s consider why.

Insulin supply the cells of our organism with glucose, thereby inducing the increased protein synthesis which helps to “build” muscles. Besides this, Insulin significantly reduces the muscle breakdown, increasing the effectiveness of the new muscle tissue growth.

With such properties, Insulin looks like the ideal choice for bulking but actually, this drug has some drawbacks also. When taking this drug, your organism slows down the fat burning so there is a risk to store more fats and to gain a couple of extra pounds.

Cool guy #3: Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone AcetateTrenbolone or Tren, as the majority of bodybuilders call it, is one of the most powerful steroids available nowadays. It’s results really impress. The effectiveness of Trenbolone is three times higher than the well-known Testosterone. With this steroid, you can get the noticeable results within one week already. Impressive, yeah? Your strength and muscle mass will be increased significantly in the extremely short time period. Another advantage of this preparation is that it doesn’t cause the water retention as many other steroids with similar effectiveness do. What does it mean? Bro, this means that in one week you will have much more solid muscles than you could even imagine.

Nevertheless, this steroid has some drawbacks also. Professionals claim that Trenbolone may cause the increased level of aggressiveness. So, if while taking this drug you feel that you want to destroy everyone and everything on your way, calm down and remember that it doesn’t mean that you have turned into a Hulk, it is just a side effect of the steroid.  However, the probability of occurring of such side effect is comparably low and even if you feel something similar to this, you can be sure that this is only a temporary effect. Another risk of taking Trenbolone is possible renal dysfunction, so don’t forget to check your health condition when taking the course of this drug.

Cool guy #4: Dianabol

DianabolWe are close to the finish of our list of five TOP steroids of all times and the fourth position in our chart is occupied by the real veteran in the steroid world – Dianabol. This guy was the first steroid used by professional bodybuilders many years ago. Nowadays, this steroid hasn’t lost its popularity and still remains one of the most effective and powerful steroids which you can choose from all other options.

The main advantages of this steroid are that it provides athletes with the long-lasting noticeable results and is administrated by your organism easily. Dbol reduces the duration of the recovery period, increases the synthesis of insulin and provides you with the decreased stress lever, good appetite, and deep sleep. All these factors together contribute to the effective results in the comparably short time period.

As well as all other steroids, Dianabol has some drawbacks. Among the most important ones is suppression of the natural production of testosterone hormone in your body which may lead to the testicular atrophy. To prevent this, it is recommended to take the additional preparations which help your organism to maintain the testosterone production on the normal level. Another disadvantage of taking this rug is that it causes the water retention in your body, so if you take it during the long period of time, you risk to get problems with the liver. s

Cool guy #5: Growth Hormone

Growth HormoneWe reached the end of our review and hope that you found here the necessary information about the most popular steroids of all times. Of course, if you are going to take any of them, you should read much more information about its dosage, correct taking, side effects and possible methods to prevent them. It’s up to you which steroid to choose because there isn’t the one “ideal” steroid which will be the best of the best option and provide you with the effective results without any harm to your health. Remember – it’s impossible. Each steroid has its own advantages and disadvantages. You are the only one person who is responsible for your health condition, so you need to take into account all peculiarities of the steroids taking. You can achieve great results if do everything properly, remember it. Good luck and solid muscles to you!