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From the beginner to an expert. All about your first steroid course.

To be a beginner is always hard regardless of what you are going to do. In the world of steroids everything seems clear and simple and together with recommendations from your friends or a large guy from your gym, you think you have already know everything even before starting. Is it true and there is really nothing to worry about? We gonna review this and other questions about the steroids in our article. So, if you are a newbie and every night in your dreams you see yourself as Arnold Schwarzenegger, you came to the right address. Welcome and let’s go!

Taking steroids is like learning how to swim.

So, prior starting our review, from the very beginning we want to disappoint you. Why? Because if you think that after this review you will be an absolute expert in steroids and be at the same level with the professional bodybuilders, our answer is NO, you won’t. Taking steroids is a long and responsible process and if you want without any experience get straight to the professional level you risk instead of enjoying the results of your course in the mirror, find yourself in the hospital bed with the serious health problems. To prevent such sad scenario, we will start from the very beginning and describe all peculiarities, disadvantages, and advantages of each of the most popular steroids for beginners slowly passing to the dosages and main rules of making your first steroids cycle.

The main rule of taking steroids is to take them wisely. What does it mean? First of all, you should start with the low or moderate dosages. Also, you have to visit your doctor regularly to check your liver condition and blood pressure indexes. Every day doctors prescribe steroids to thousands of patients and there will be nothing strange or illegal if you visit the doctor at least once in a month to ensure that your health condition is at the normal level and you can continue taking your steroids without any worrying. Beside the dosages recommended for beginners there is one more very important advice- in case if you have never tried steroids and don’t have any experience with these guys, it is highly not recommended to use steroids in the injectable form. Let us explain why.

There are some important reasons for this. The most important of them is that the number and probability of possible side effects increase when using injections instead of orals steroids. This happens because orals steroids, as a rule, are broken down by your liver, while injectable steroids go straight to the bloodstream of your organism, causing more side effects and significantly increasing the probability of their appearance. The one disadvantage of using the orals steroids is that they influence your liver condition, however, experts claim that such effect is temporary. Another drawback is that you will not get such significant results as if you use injectable steroids but if you are a beginner and have never used such preparations, believe us – results will be awesome even while taking orals. So, even with some cons of oral steroids, you should start with them.

You should understand that ALL steroids one way or another are connected with side effects and it’s almost impossible to get the desired effects of steroids taking without any changes in your organism. The point is that each steroid has its own probability of these side effects and their number. So, it’s up to you how many side effects you are ready to endure to achieve the desired results. Anyway, it is highly recommended to start with the mild steroids which cause less harm to your organism, otherwise, after taking such serious anabolics as Anadrol and Trenbolone, you risk to have serious health problems. So, the first rule for beginners – low or moderate dosages + mild orals steroids. Have you written it down already?

4 Best Steroids for Beginners

In this paragraph as you may have guessed, we are going to speak about four best steroids for beginners to start your cycle from. Each of steroids mentioned below should be taken in only oral form. We have already mentioned this in a previous paragraph but will repeat one more time – in nine of ten cases newbies don’t inject steroids correctly thereby nullify the entire effect of the drug. In addition to this, the instant transportation of the active substance straight into your bloodstream may be too much for you to handle. So, here we collected four best options of the steroids to start from. Each of them will please you with the results and not bring any problems with your health. Among such steroids are:

  1. Testosterone;
  2. Deca Durabolin;
  3. Dianabol;
  4. Anavar.

Let’s discuss each of them separately including the main pros, cons, correct dosage and way of action. And the results, of course.

Steroid #1: Testosterone (Sustanon)

Level of muscle mass gaining – 

Level of Fat Loss– 4 Best Steroids for Beginners

Of course, we can’t skip the Testosterone - probably the most popular steroid which name is known even among people who are far from sport and muscle mass gaining. This steroid is also a good option to start from but as there are a lot of different forms of this anabolic, professionals recommend beginners to start from the Sustanon – one of its forms.

Testosterone has got its world popularity because of a great combination of its two main properties – impressive muscle mass gaining and ability to burn fat. Working together, these properties provide Testosterone’s users with the huge muscles and increase the fat burning level. So, you can be on a high-calorie diet without any worrying, because together with this preparation taking you will increase the size of your muscle mass without fat accumulation.

When you are going to start taking testosterone you should note that however, it has its two main properties (muscle mass gaining and fat loss), the level of muscle mass gaining when taking this steroid is higher than the level of fat loss.

Among the main recommendations for taking Testosterone is taking it in combination with the high-calorie diet, in this case, you will get the maximal amount of the muscle mass. Note, that the lower is the calories number, the more reduced will be the Testosterone’s muscle mass building potential.


Steroid #2: Deca Durabolin (same as Nandrolone)

Level of muscle mass gaining – 

The second steroid in our list is well-known as Deca or, in official words, Deca Durabolin. This is one of the most successful options to be used by beginners because it can provide you with so desired large and solid muscles. It is known as a “healthy” steroid because it doesn’t enter your body as fast as Testosterone, for example, thereby causing much less side effects. However, this fact is a disadvantage also – Deca doesn’t provide you with the results so quickly as other steroids, so you need to be patient enough to wait around a week to get the noticeable results.

The great news is that when you finally wait a week, you will get a comparably large amount of the lean muscles. This steroid considered to be the best one for newcomers who want to get the long-lasting result and solid muscles.

Deca is also a safe steroid, doctors prescribe it in small doses for patients suffering from the osteoporosis (in simple words-bone loss) and problems with joints. Unlike other steroids which may cause serious joints problems, Deca has the completely opposite effect.

Deca Durabolin

Steroid #3: Dianabol (same as Methandrostenolone)

Level of muscle mass gaining – 

The third steroid suitable for beginners is Dianabol or as it more well-known – D-bol. The important moment is that this steroid should be taken in the form of pills because in case of using it in the injectable form you risk raising your blood pressure to a critical level.

The main rule concerning all steroids is that the more powerful and effective steroid is, the more side effects it causes. Generally, this rule works with the majority of steroids but not with the Dianabol. The great news about this steroid is that it is able to transform you into a young Arnold Schwarzenegger without risk to harm your health. Nevertheless, it is recommended to regularly check the indexes of your blood condition and to take a supplement of a milk thistle in order to reduce the influence of this steroid on your liver.

Dianabol nowadays occupies one of the TOP places of the most successful choices among all steroids for newcomers, as it will provide you with the maximal amount of muscle mass and increase your strength to a high level. Note also, that this steroid doesn’t have fat-burning properties, so it will suit beginners who want to gain a lot of mass.


Steroid #4: Anavar (same as Oxandrolone)

Level of Fat Loss – 

Level of muscle mass gaining – 

The last steroid in our list of the best preparations for beginners is Anavar. This steroid is popular because it’s fat-burning properties. It refers to the mild steroids, so you will not feel any serious side effects. People who want to lose fat instead of the mass gaining and at the same time want to save muscle mass (yeah, such combination is real) should stop their searching at this steroid.

Anavar will not suit people who want to significantly increase mass, for this purposes it will be better to choose Dianabol but if you think that you need to lose some weight and at the same time keep your muscles in a good form- it’s a great option for you. Each bodybuilder knows that when cutting, your muscles risk looking flat, which is absolutely undesirable. It happens because of depleted glycogen stores. With Anavar, your muscles will not lose their shape and size because this steroid increases the glycogen level in your muscles.

The one serious disadvantage of this steroid is its price. In comparison with other steroids, it is quite costly. So, if you are on a budget but need something with the similar effect it will be better to choose clenbuterol which will provide you with the same result but costs much less.

Anavar is also popular among women because it doesn’t cause the masculine side effects. Many professional bodybuilders take this steroid before their competitions in order to lose fat and, at the same time, save muscle mass. It may be a good choice for newcomers, both men and women to obtain the desired results and to lose an excessive fat. Professionals claim that women are prone to gain more muscle mass when taking Anavar than men.


The Low Budget Cycle. If you think that to get the desired results with steroids taking you need a great amount of money, you are mistaken. Even if you are on a budget, you can choose a course which consists of Dianabol only (the course duration should be equal to eight weeks) or Testosterone only (the course duration should be equal to eight weeks also) and get the amazing gains. It is a great solution to a money problem with which you will still get the desired effect.

The Health-Conscious Cycle. We have already mentioned in this article that EACH steroid causes side effects. More or less of these effects you will get depends on the steroid type but the fact is that you anyway get some negative reaction from your organism. However, if you can’t fall asleep at night and are super-cautious about the condition of your health while taking your first steroids course, the best way for you will be to choose Testosterone (the course duration should be equal to eight weeks). In comparison with Dianabol (which we also mentioned as a good option to start from), it causes less possible side effects and can boast of the minimal negative influence on your health.

If you are aimed at the fat burn more than on the muscle mass gaining and want to get the minimal number of side effects, choose Anavar (the duration of the course should be equal to eight weeks). It is also comparably safe for your organism but will please you with the noticeable results.

The I-WANT-GAINS Cycle. If you want the amazing results “here and now” there are two most effective courses for you.

  1. First combo: Testosterone and Deca-Durabolin (the duration of the course should be equal to eight weeks).
  2. Second combo: Dianabol and Deca-Durabolin (the duration of the course should be equal to eight weeks).

These combos of steroids will provide you with the maximal mass gaining in the comparably short time periods but here you should note, that you may feel some bad side effects during each these courses. We don’t guarantee that it will happen because each organism responds differently to the steroids action, we just want to warn you that it MAY happen.

The two cycles mentioned above are the most effective and will provide you with the most noticeable results in comparison with any other cycles which were considered in this review. Deca-Durabolin is a great effective bulking steroid which in combination with Dianabol or Testosterone significantly boost the synthesis of protein in your organism, thereby transforming the size and shape of your muscles.

Arnold's Stack: Suitable for Beginners

The Health-Conscious CycleIf you want to look like an Arny (sorry, Arnold Schwarzenegger), we will tell you the main secret of his amazing muscles. The world-famous bodybuilder has transformed from the unremarkable teen from Austria to the world legend with two main steroids: Deca and Dianabol. So, when we talk about the effectiveness of these steroids, we are not joking - the result is obvious.


So, let’s sup up all which was mentioned above in our article. First of all, three best options to start from and get the noticeable results (we mean significant muscle mass gaining) you should choose among these three guys:

  1. Dianabol;
  2. Deca Durabolin;
  3. Testosterone.

Each of these steroids should be taken in the orals form (we have already explained why). Other steroids that we mentioned here like Anavar or Clenbuterol are also a good choice but these are very mild preparations which will not provide you with such powerful effect as Testosterone, Deca Durabolin or Dianabol.

We don’t want to over-persuade you or to insist on these steroids, it’s always up to you which one to choose. Here we only give the recommendations, tell about results and warn about possible side effects.

Professionals claim that the first course of steroids provides you with the most significant muscle mass gaining, so when you decided to start don’t be lazy and try to train a lot in your gym and be adhere to a high-calorie diet to maximize your results as much as it’s possible.