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Geofman Pharmaceuticals

Geofman Pharmaceuticals


Geofman Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of sports nutrition from Pakistan. The slogan of this manufacturer is functioning for the benefits of mankind. Quite a loud and promising slogan, I must say. Well, what do we really have? Let's figure it out.

An official site of Geofman Pharmaceuticals is http://geofman.com/. He is also the only resource from which the information about this company is available in free access. This is the situation familiar to many anabolic manufacturers. This business is not regulated in many countries and thus they hide all the information. But be sure that the quality of original Geofman Pharmaceuticals products is really outstanding and will deliver you the best ever possible result. The manufacturer produces more than 200 different pharmaceutical products, including anabolic and androgenic steroids. Production area - 500 square meters. Impressive, isn't it? The main point is that all the original products have passed various tests before going to production. Annual output of the manufactory.

·Injection - 200 million ampoules.

·Glass bottles - 2.5 million.

·Intravenous drugs - 9 million.

·Tablets - 800 million.

·Liquids - 8 million bottles.

·Capsules - 200 million.

·Powder - 20 million bottles.


Various Opinions About Geofman Pharmaceuticals Company


Looks like the Russian-speaking spectrum of the auditorium rarely use the production of the mentioned company. The reviews are completely controversial so you cannot make a clear conclusion if you will base only on reviews. You might consult with your therapist or coach in the gym. But be sure that if you use this pharmaceutical in an appropriate dosage, you might receive an amazing result according to the prescription. The annual output of the production is totally outstanding thus the production is selling under the competitive prices.

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