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GHRP-6 (10 mg)
GHRP-6 (10 mg)
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The peptide GHRP-6 was produced for medical purposes. It is used in the treatment of a deficiency of growth hormone. The main purpose of the peptide is to influence the production of its own hormone, which is responsible for growth. This drug was produced for medical purposes to treat a hormone deficiency that is responsible for growth. It has a strong anabolic effect, which is responsible for fat burning processes. It attracts bodybuilders who get fantastic results. The indications of increasing your own hormone increase from 2 to 6 times. The gap between the indicators depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the organism. The drug is widely used by athletes and in the sports field.

To increase the effect, the drug is combined with CJC-1295. This combination is most effective for obtaining muscle mass.

The drug was widely studied in laboratories and clinics. The results showed that the use of GHRP-6 stimulates the growth hormone and increases them 2 to 6 times. The result depends on the specific physiological responses of the body. A feature of this drug is that it does not increase the feeling of hunger, as, for example, other peptides of the same form.

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The effectiveness of GHRP-6 (10 mg)


The drug effectively increases the muscle mass, which is qualitatively dry, increases strength and endurance. Widely used in bodybuilding for tournament preparations. Immediately before the competition, it is necessary to preserve the mass as much as possible and reduce the amount of fat. Together with this, relief is well manifested.

Synergistic effect can be obtained when using the drug with CJC-1295. Such an effect will be significantly higher from each drug, and at the same time it affects each other well.

The drug performs the same work as somatropin - growth hormone. However, this drug is much more profitable in price. The big plus is the absence of any side effects. It does not have an artificial effect, like unnatural hormones. GHRP-6 produces a natural hormone that is responsible for growth.

The effect of using the drug gives such positive effects:

•Muscle mass gain;

•Increased strength;

•Manifestation of the relief;

•Fat burning;

•Strengthening of the bone system;

•Improvement of skin, hair;

•Strengthening immunity;

•Elimination of inflammation;

•Does not affect the liver;

•Does not have a toxic effect.

Course of taking the drug

The standard dosage is 1 μg per kg of body weight. Increased dosage of 2 μg per 1 kg of weight, which gives a 150% result. This dose is needed for maximum effect, but it is not used for longer than 2-3 months. After this course, you need to take a break. The dosage of 3 μg increases the effect to 175%.


A small dose will give a weak effect of hormone production, and a large dose will not give the best result of increased secretion.

The concentration of the action is half an hour after the injection, within 4 hours it decreases to the initial one. Take the drug every 4 hours.

The drug is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously into the fat layer.

The drug is similar to its properties and action with GHRP-6 (5 mg), GHRP-2.

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