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Gold fly, Gold fly

Gold fly
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Gold fly for your pleasure

It is generally accepted that men usually resort to all kinds of methods of stimulation before intercourse. But unfortunately, the emergence of problems in sexual life can affect not only men, but also women, when sexual relations are rapidly fading. In this case, the pharmaceutical market has prepared a price-friendly and high-quality drug for women - Gold fly. The preparation is obtained and made from beetles, which in adult age reach a size of 2 centimeters in length. This ingredient produces tinctures, ointments, powders and sprays.

The principle of the miracle drug Gold fly

  • First of all, it should be noted that this remedy does not have a strong substance at its core.
  • The composition of the drug includes a strong aphrodisiac, which in turn causes a rush of desire for a woman to have a sexual partner.
  • Spanish Gold Fly also contains the extract "HS" (cantharidin, 5 mg), which is extracted from the Gold fly, which lives in Europe and Asia.
  • A good difference is the fact that the product has no smell or taste, which allows it to dissolve imperceptibly in any drink: be it a glass of water or a glass of wine. It is at the expense of this feature that the partner can not be promoted without his knowledge.
  • It is important to note that after applying Gold fly, the sensitivity of all erogenous zones increases, thereby improving the quality of sex, the acuteness of sensations and pleasure in the end.
  • There is no contraindication, but it is extremely necessary to consult a specialist.

How to take the drug

In its reception the drug is not whimsical. Take the drug 10-15 minutes before the alleged sexual contact. What is remarkable is the speed of the manifestation of the drug. Since drops are absorbed into the blood quickly, the result does not make you wait. The nipples of a woman swell, breathing quickens and blood flow to all erogenous zones improves. It is very exciting to perform a sexual act with the help of this drug to women who have not yet learned all the delights of orgasm, and who feel constrained in bed with their partner. Dosage is indicated on the package, but the daily dose does not exceed a few drops - this will be enough to obtain the desired result.

It is worth noting that this drug must be taken very seriously, although for the "broad" public, the Gold fly is known as a powerful pathogen. The drug received its fame among doctors due to effective effects on the female body and treatment of serious female diseases. Also, Gold fly helps in getting an orgasm. There are a few conjectures in the absence of the peak of pleasure, and one of them is stiffness in bed. But if there is a reason for this to be more serious than confidence in the partner, then it is necessary to talk with a specialist.

Surprisingly, there are many drugs like Viagra that have an impact not only on men, but also on women. However, not all women get this effect. That is why Gold fly is so ideal for women, because the formula and active ingredients are designed exclusively for women, taking into account all the characteristics of the female body.

The duration of the drug is on the order of 8-10 hours from the beginning of admission. Drip addiction does not cause, and repeated use of the drug provides the result of the same level, without reducing the bar.

This drug is not sold in pharmacies, perhaps with moral motives, because the drug can "throw" a partner without her knowledge, which turns out to be simply dishonest.

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