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How do steroids work in the human body?

How do steroids work in the human body?


Steroids still, even several decades after their discovery, cause a lot of discussion in society. On the one hand, they are not too legal in most countries of the world and are strictly prohibited by the rules of international sports organizations, on the other hand, they are actively used by athletes who want to gain weight as quickly as possible - and there are not so many complaints from them. To understand where such contradictions come from, let's look at how they work.


What are steroids?


The human body is a complex structure of many substances, some of which have a specific control function. The easiest way to explain this is with the example of hormones - a tiny amount of testosterone that is invisible to the naked eye instantly makes us more masculine, makes muscles and bones (and also hair throughout the body) grow faster, pushes us to stretch harder on the opposite sex and generally be more aggressive. Various active substances (not necessarily hormones) of plant or animal origin are called steroids, the intake of which in pure form, without digestion and splitting, contributes to obtaining certain results. In particular, athletes who take steroids usually choose exactly those drugs that duplicate testosterone and produce an effect similar to that described above.


How to avoid side effects of steroids?


In the introduction, we made it clear that steroids for sale are not allowed in many countries - or at least they cannot be sold in pharmacies without a prescription. There may be some prescription exceptions, but they are only prescribed for certain serious diagnoses. And why is it considered that with the help of steroid therapy you cannot pump up just for yourself, in order to be beautiful?


In response, doctors usually nod that it is not worth playing with your own endocrine system. They believe that any interference with the hormonal balance of the body is fraught with far-reaching consequences - for example, the use of substitutes for its own testosterone leads to the fact that the body stops producing this hormone, and without it and without medicine, instead of a handsome man in his prime, you quickly turn into a shapeless thing. without any obvious sexual characteristics. Accordingly, the use of hormonal therapy from the point of view of official medicine is appropriate only in cases where the expected beneficial effect covers all the risks, or if the refusal to use hormonal drugs turns out to be even more risky than taking it with all its side effects.


But in practice, two things become apparent:


  • not all steroids are equally harmful - without denying that undesirable consequences are possible, one must understand that there are more and less dangerous substances;
  • an overdose always leads to an increased risk of side effects, while moderate doses and the alternation of correctly formulated courses with periods of "rest" will help not to disturb the balance of hormones in the body.


In other words, spot use of steroids after consultation with an experienced trainer or doctor is acceptable if you know for sure that they were released by a decent company that collects good reviews about their products. You can treat such substances in different ways, and there are people who are afraid of side effects, because they will never use steroids just like that - this is their right. Likewise, your right is to take risks in order to get a great figure quickly and effortlessly.