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How to Take an Anapolon Solo
How to Take an Anapolon Solo
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How to Take an Anapolon Solo


Of course, the course Anapolon solo is the strongest and most effective if you compare it with other anabolic steroids. This drug is not in high demand because most of the newcomers are afraid of it and consider it dangerous for health. But still, not all athletes get a satisfactory result from taking other weaker drugs. Therefore, it's time to choose a really effective course, so as not to waste money and time.

Despite the fact that the drug was developed back in the 60's, today many people know about it. This steroid uniquely has a harmful effect and it manifests itself in some toxicity that has an effect on the liver. The level of increase in the negative impact depends on the daily dosage, the higher it is, the more your liver will get. However, it is worthwhile to say that the main average dosages on the Anapolon solo course do not lead to pimples and in practice a pronounced negative effect is not observed.


Reception of Anapolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals


As with what is better to take Anapolon 50, this question is of interest to many athletes and it should be approached in more detail. The drug has a very large anabolic index, but androgenic activity is present at 45%. According to many statements, he is incapable of converting to estrogens, but in practice, this is not at all the case. Therefore, do not combine it with similar injection steroids. This will lead to even greater fluid retention and provocation of side effects.

Receiving the course Anapolon 50 is completely simple and does not cause controversy. Athletes starting level adhere to a daily dosage of 50 mg., This is one tablet a day. The more experienced can take from 100 to 150 mg. per day, but still, a normal and stable daily dosage, this is 100 mg. (two tablets). The course of admission has a duration of 6 weeks, take Anadolon longer, just does not make sense, the result is not very effective. Beginners adhere to the length of the course Anapolon , up to 4 weeks and this is reasonable.


During the course and after the course


The use of anti-estrogen and after-course drugs with the use of Anapolon is highly recommended. Everyone knows that taking Anadolon on the course provokes a significant fluid retention and after the course, it merges. Therefore, not all are able to maintain a large percentage of muscle mass.

This course includes:

•Anapolon 40 tab.

•Proviron 20 tab.

•Clomid 20 tab.

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