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How to buy and take a course of the Stanover newbie
How to buy and take a course of the Stanover newbie
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How to purchase and take a course of the Stanover newbie

The Stanover for the newcomer on the course will be an excellent option that will help to gain not a lot of muscle mass and will not cause a lot of side effects. The remedy does have fine indicators for a set of strength and weight, but it is not massobornym, namely, one that inflates on the eyes. Muscular growth will be observed throughout the therapy of admission and everything will look gradually, without causing a sensation of receiving anabolic in others. It is this aspect that excites many neophytes, because everything should be as natural as possible, but at the same time efficiently.

This circle for novices does not have high anabolic capabilities, so meat greatness will increase for the entire cycle by about 3 kg. taking into account the fact that the excess liquid will be expelled and the fat dried. Against the background of such advantages, a set of three kilograms per month, this is not a bad result. Also during the therapy of confession, there will be no aromatization process, which will allow you to build muscularity without the slightest presence of aqua. This is why Stanover promotes the recruitment of only first-race and relief beaf mass. it is also worth noting that the lack of aromatization completely eliminates the lateral reaction in the form of gynecomastia, hardening in the nipples. Try to practise higher quality anabolic steroids (Turinabol), which do not retain liquid and do not provoke the appearance of a lot of drugs, like Methane, Danabol, Deca.

The Stanover course for newcomers is better to use the standard, it is tested by many athletes in practice. Measures are calculated really for beginners and therefore do not bring any negative manifestations. At the same time you get a noticeable increase in muscle mass and strength throughout the plan. If you are going to overestimate the measure, then limit yourself to a maximum of 50 mg. Stanover per day, this is still permissible.

When is it best to take this course

The drug Stanover should be taken every day, not considering the availability of workout. Many recommend dividing the daily measurement into equal receptions, and not at one time all the tablets, sharing the reception, we subject the body to a permanent effect of steroids, which favorably affects all results. It is enjoyable to grab the tablets on a full stomach and while washing with water. Some dissolve the remedy, there is an opinion that so it is better captivated into the blood. We start the circle with the littlest numerator of pills and gradually gain to a maximum. Similarly, we leave the therapy, from the superlative digit, progressively reduce to a minimum.

Entrance course entry:

  • Stanover Vermoji 100 tab. (for 5 weeks of admission)
  • Course stavor 1st week (7 days) we take 2 tab. in a day.
  • The 2nd week (7 days) we take 3 tab. in a day.
  • 3rd week (7 days) we take 4 tab. in a day.
  • The 4th week (7 days) we take 3 tab. in a day.
  • The 5th week (7 days) we take 2 tab. in a day.


This is a classical scheme of reception, which is used by both beginners and experienced athletes, it helps to progressively adapt your body to a steroid and also steadily withdraw from the course. After it preparations are not used in this course of Stanover for novices, as the drug itself is not dangerous and does not cause side effects, and dosage is the most loyal to the beginning organism.

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