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IGF-1 LR3 is an insulin growth factor that is produced in the muscles and the liver under the influence of the hormone responsible for growth. A variation of this factor is considered to be MFR (mechanical factor).

The drug is characterized by a short half-life, which lasts 20-30 hours and is 50% more active.

Now the drug has become popular and is widely used for those who want to build up a dry mass. The result will be visible immediately, thanks to the immediate action of the drug.

The form of release - a bottle with a powder, which must be diluted with bactericidal water.


The effectiveness of taking IGF-1 LR3


The drug has a high anabolic index. The main function is muscle growth. Hyperplasia - the stimulation of muscle fibers, occurs both in young people and in the elderly. Such results were shown by studies among athletes.

The drug delays the absorption of glucose into the cells of the body. This makes it possible to burn fat when exercising. Practice shows an excellent result of the drug in bodybuilding.

The main task of this drug is muscle growth and fat burning. The effect on the body is compared with the growth hormone.

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Positive characteristics of the drug:


•Stimulation of muscle hyperplasia;

•Fat burning effect;

•Increase and energy reserve;

•Stimulation of glucose intake;

•Transportation of amino acids.

•In terms of fat burning, the drug is more effective than somatropin.

Course of drug use

The main goal of IGF-1 is to increase the fibers of muscle tissue. Reception of a preparation combine with frequent and intensive trainings which will allow to type weight of muscles.

Injections are administered intramuscularly and subcutaneously.

The minimum dose is 20 mcg per day. To feel the result, the dosage is 40 mcg per day. The maximum dose is 120 mcg per day. Increase the dose more than recommended, not worth it.

Injections are administered every day or 2 to 4 times a week on days of training and depending on the desired result.

Take the drug in the morning. In the days of training - 1-2 hours before the start, but preferably immediately after the session, as the drug immediately begins to affect the damaged tissue. Such a mechanism is more intensive, but not mandatory.

Duration of the course is from 4 to 6 weeks. Between the courses of taking the medication take a break not less than a month. Such a scheme will not cause adverse reactions and addiction to the drug.

Store in a dry, dark, cold place in the form of a ready solution at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius above zero. The solution is stored for no more than 2 months.


The opinions of athletes about somatomedine are unanimous. At observance of the recommended dosages, sportsmen received an excellent relief, a gain of dry muscles and force. And all this without serious side effects. Having studied the statements, which are becoming more and more on the Internet, we can conclude that the peptide is growing in popularity. And this is not surprising, with such and such an efficiency.

The disadvantages that mention injections are the high cost and short shelf life of the finished solution. The solution to the last problem is the bottles just 100 μg - the ideal daily dosage, which you do not have to store.

Reviews of the IGF-1 LR3 (100mcg) come mainly from athletes of professional training, so it can be concluded that it is really highly effective for athletes with a rich steroid past. But there are not so many opinions from athletes yet.

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