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Injectable steroids - page 9
Tri-Trenaver 200
Tri-Trenaver 200
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Syringe 2 ml
Syringe 2 ml



In STEROID-PHARM shop, you can buy a wide range of injectable steroids, powerful supplements to increase the efficacy of your hard training. 

How it works

By getting into your body via the shot, a steroid gets directly into the bloodstream. Then, your blood delivers its active substance to your every muscle. At last, a biochemical reaction, caused by the active substance, stimulates your muscle cell to multiply and grow.

To put it short, by injecting steroids, you facilitate your physique and performance improvements. In other words, your biceps balloon, abs ripple, and quads bulge much faster.


Cortisone injections

Sprains and other injuries are common in training. In these cases, pains interfere with hard training and an athlete has to lower his training intensity or even stop it for a while. However, time is always short. The longer time you rest to recover the longer it takes to have further progress after your rest.

And here, cortisone injections are coming out. The shots are very effective to reduce pain in inflamed areas. Moreover, they do a lot in relieving inflammation instead of just removing its symptoms.

Advantages of steroid injection

Here are advantages of injectable AAS, which mostly based on the fact that its active substance is delivered directly in your blood instead of your stomach:

It does not affect and irritate your gastrointestinal tract;

It has a higher bioavailability and, thus, greater and faster active effect;

It has a longer active and post-therapy effect.

So, injections provide greater safety to your health while delivering greater results.

What you need for safe steroid injection

First, buy a pharma from a reliable supplier to avoid getting fake products. When buying it from our store, you can check all the products on the official website of the manufacturer and, thus, rest assured you have an authentic pharma.

Second, use the right dosage and therapy regimen. In other words, do not abuse. If you need assistance in finding the right dosage, contact our support for consultancy. Our experts are always here to help you with a piece of advice.

Third, do not mix two or more drugs in one shot. Also, it is not recommended applying more than one injection to one muscle simultaneously.

How to order 

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