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Lyka labs (India)

Lyka labs (India)


Lyka Labs Ltd is an Indian manufacturer, who has been developing as well as producing steroid pharmaceuticals since 1976. This manufacturer mostly operates the full production cycle, including an entire technological process of manufacturing, starting from producing the materials ending up making entire packaging. Lyka Labs produces pharmaceuticals in all the forms convenient to the athletes.

Company's policy is quite disclosed: at the official website you can see full history of the company, operating policies, catalogue and many interesting information and data.

Now the entire market of anabolics is full of fakes, unfortunately. This happens due to the undeniable fact that among the list of territories the supplemental for the athletes are prohibited, thus there is simply no other way. A lot of underground manufacturers produce their products under the famous brand name to increase the number of sales by using an acknowledged brand.

The pharmaceuticals originally manufactured by Lyka Labs cannot be cheap. The manufacture is Indian, one can only think about which mark-up the pharmaceuticals go above the real price of manufacturing. Local market purchases drugs interacting with a third party which affects the pricing level.


Frankly Speaking About The Company


Athletes both professionals and amateurs who managed getting the original products manufactured by the Indian company are always totally satisfied by an outstanding quality of the products. People usually note the three outstanding advantages of pharmaceuticals:




Some people talk about the side effects appearing rarely, only while the athletes overcome the recommended dosage.

Luca Labs is a quality-oriented company. However, it is very difficult to gain the original product. Therefore, there are many negative reviews about Lyka Labs, which are often associated with fakes. On this website we offer quality products directly from the manufacturer.

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