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Malegra, 100mg 

Malegra 100 mg is a new development produced by the world-famous pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies Pvt.Ltd. It has a high level of product quality and stable reliability. If you buy Malegra, you won’t feel unconfident again.

The drug is based on the active ingredient Sildenafil in a dosage of 100 mg per 1 tablet. Malegra is the absolute generic Viagra with the highest quality.

Malegra is mainly intended for stimulation of erectile function, in cases of its violation of a different origin: physiological, psychological, mixed.

One tablet is a necessary single dose, which contains a non-human charge of erectile force.

Sildenafil actively promotes the expansion of blood vessels and cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ thereby increasing the strength and speed of blood flow in them. The drug provides a strong and prolonged erection of the penis, any, even the slightest excitement leads to a powerful riser for several hours.

Male organism is able to release a chemical substance PDE-5. As you know, an erection can be active until the ejaculation process passes. Immediately after sexual intercourse, the penis is brought into a normal, dull state. This happens precisely because after the eruption of the seed, PDE-5 is produced.

Sildenafil blocks receptors and inhibits the progress of the release of PDE-5, due to which, the erection becomes more powerful and prolonged. Just buy Malegra to provide 4-6 hours of unprecedented sex with maximum intensity. Whether you finish it or not, the erection of the penis will still be strong and powerful.

The maximum effect of the drug is striking, even in the most severe forms of erectile function failure.


Before taking the generic Viagra, you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions, so as not to harm your health.

  • The age category of the user should not go beyond 18-65 years.
  • It is strictly recommended not to take Malegra together with drugs that are also used for potency disorders, as well as with donators of nitrogen, nitrates and some antiviral agents. It can have a negative impact on your health.
  • It is not recommended to use Malegra for people with an anatomical deformation of the penis, as well as with diseases that can cause bleeding. Also a drug is contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Dosage of Malegra

Malegra tablets are taken orally. Before admission, it is strongly recommended that you to consult with your doctor to determine the optimal dosage.

Take a whole tablet (or half) is necessary an hour before sexual intercourse, on an empty stomach with water. The drug loses its properties in interaction with food and alcohol. The agent can be taken repeatedly with a time interval of at least 24 hours.

A little information about side effects. The practice of consuming sildenafil leads to the fact that when using the regulatory dosage of any side effect on the body the drug is not able to exercise. Tolerability of Malegra is absolute, drug intolerance is very rare and almost never occurs. However, there is a possibility of manifestations of side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, reddening of the face and upper body, jumping of blood pressure, blurred vision and other not significant temporary changes that take place after several hours.

One more advantage of Malegra is its price. A drug costs not too much but brings you the best effect and total confidence at your strength.

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